Live Blog: Traverse City Finals

First Period: 2-1 Sabres:

  • JT Miller from Carl Hagelin

Second Period: 2-2

  • Ryan Bourque from Christian Thomas

Third Period: 5-2 Buffalo

Well they didn’t win, but it was a good tournament for the Rangers and a great look at a lot of the Rangers prospects. JT Miller got better and better. Carl Hagelin and Ryan Bourque were great throughout. Christian Thomas showed flashes of the kind of scorer he can be at the next level, but also showed off some nice playmaking moves. Audy-M was a nice surprise up front.

I hope MSG goes back next year.

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Traverse City: Game 3 Stats Update

First Period: 3-2 Rangers

  • Jonathan Audy-M from Tim Erixon on the PP
  • Shane McColgan from Christian Thomas
  • Christian Thomas from Shane McColgan

Second Period: 3-3

  • Tim Erixon, Michael St. Croix and JT Miller have all taken penalties so far.

Third Period: 3-3:

  • Going to overtime. OT is a 4 on 4 for 4 minutes then a 3 on 3 for 4 minutes and then a shootout.

3 on 3 Overtime:

  • Carolina scores on a breakaway to win.

Update: 7:13PM:

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Note: The Rangers Are In The Traverse City Finals

Update: 11:28AM: The Rangers will play the Sabres tomorrow at 7pm in the Finals.

Original Post: 6:28PM: Monday:John Gianone tweets that the Rangers have clinched a spot in the Traverse City tournament final.

That game will be on Wednesday at 7PM on MSG.

They will play tomorrow against Carolina at 3PM.

The Rangers hold the tie-breaker over Dallas and St. Louis even if they lose to Carolina in regulation tomorrow.

Live Blog: Rangers and Dallas Traverse City Game 2

Update: 9:29PM:

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Original Post: First Period: 3-1 Rangers

  • Michael St. Croix from Christian Thomas and Carl Hagelin.
  • Shane McColgan from Thomas
  • Ryan Bourque from Audy-M and Tim Erixon

Second Period: 3-2 Rangers

Third Period:

  • Jason Wilson from Blake Parlett
  • Andrew Yogan from Lee Baldwin and Kale Kerbashian
  • Bourque from Audy-M and Parlett on the PP.

Final: 6-2 Rangers.

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Live Blog: Rangers and Blues Traverse City Game 1

First Period: Tim Erixon and Randy McNaught scored for the Rangers. St. Louis tied it up at 2.

2-2 after one.

Second Period: Carl Hagelin (PP) and Ryan Bourque (SH) scored to give the Rangers a 4-2 lead.

Third Period: Jonathan Audy-M, or maybe Carl Hagelin, scored to make it 5-2.

Well it was damn nice to have players in a Rangers jersey playing hockey. The first thing is to remember that this is one game and it’s the first game in a long time for a lot of the players. JT Miller was okay, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he is going through that crazy post draft time right now.  Ryan Bourque, Carl Hagelin and Christian Thomas were great all night. Tim Erixon looks like he can join the Rangers and was arguably the best player on the ice. Blake Parlett was also solid and had three assists. 

This was fun and tomorrow should be as well.

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