Read: Jim Schoenfeld On Some Of The Hartford Prospects

Danny KristoJohn Giannone, on his Bleeding Blueshirts podcast, asked Jim Schoenfeld about players in Hartford that the Rangers have an eye on.

Schoenfeld said that he hated to name players for fear of leaving one out, but said:

  • “Danny Kristo has very good offensive skills and we have him killing penalties too because we want him to learn to play away form the puck. I don’t believe there is anyone in the American league who is good enough offensively to survive in the NHL with that skill alone. They will have to learn to be two-way players in one way or another. They will need to learn how to finish a check, block a shot, learn to be reliable in the defensive zone, in the neutral zone they will have to understand coverage because it’s going to be increasingly difficult for them to score. You can’t be giving up what you can’t get back. We are trying to turn them into two way players.”
  • “JT Miller has made another trip back to Hartford. He has skill, people have seen his skill. They have seen him score goals, they have seen a good wrist shot, a good release. They have seen courage and toughness. JT Miller is learning to play away from the puck because it’s too risky and the coach doesn’t feel comfortable enough to put him on the ice in certain situations. It goes to play and learn rather than stay here and condition.”
  • “Dylan McIlrath has made great strides this year. He is tough as nails, a good scrapper, good body checker and he is developing his craft.”

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NEWS: Arron Asham called up/JT Miller Sent Down

This is an Arron Asham jerseyThe Rangers have announced that Arron Asham has been called up and that JT Miller has been sent down.

Asham was sent down by the Rangers in mid-October and embraced the idea of working his way back up to the Rangers.

He has played in 12 games for the Wolf Pack and has 2 assists, 5 shots on goal and 19 PIM.

About a week before being sent down, Alain Vigneault said of Asham “He is at the point now in his career where he wants to be in the NHL as long as he can and contribute. He is one of our oldest players and he is fighting to stay in our lineup and to stay in the NHL. He was put on waivers and no one picked him up, so you have 30 teams that have passed on him so now he comes into the lineup and hopefully he can play well for us.”

Miller was recalled on Friday and played 11:49 on Saturday with 2 shots and 9:01 last night with 0 shots and a minus two rating.

Adam Rotter: Honestly, I had forgotten about Asham. Besides seeing the odd note here and there that he was missing games in Hartford due to being hurt and then returning, I had forgotten that he was still Rangers property. He isn’t a solution to any of the Rangers issues, but he does bring some toughness and grit that the team is lacking. If anything, Asham is a better use of a spot in the lineup than Benoit Pouliot, who scored last night but was mostly ineffective and spent most of the night going offsides.

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Stats: JT Miller’s Return To The Lineup

JT MillerJT Miller returned to the Rangers lineup last night after a three-game stint in Hartford.

Miller skated on a line with Carl Hagelin and Derick Brassard and played 11:49, had 3 blocked shots and two hits.

Miller attempted four shots, had two on goals, 1 missed and one blocked.

At 5 on 5, via Extra Skater, Miller was on the ice for 8 shot attempts for and 9 against, 3 shots on goal for and 6 against.

Miller started 60% of his even strength shifts in the offensive zone, 20% in the neutral zone and 20% in the defensive zone.

Recap: JT Miller’s Comments Today

JT MillerJT Miller spoke with the Rangers website today prior to his return to the lineup:

  • On the back and forth, “It happens. When you are young in your career you have bumps and you need to get used to them and I am just thankful for the opportunity.”
  • On his time in HFD, “It’s a different role and you need to get used to it and help the team anyway that you can. The minutes are good for conditioning and learning how to play all of those minutes and you need to make shifts shorter and make the most of it. Here it will be less than that but I just want to make every shift count and I am happy to get back in.”
  • Has there been a message from the coaches, “not really. You need to know your game and when you go down you need to play at both ends of rink and can’t take it for granted. You can’t lose respect for that league and you need to play your game no matter what level you are at. My worry is getting consistent on the ice and trying to play a two-way game the best that I can. Try not to take shifts off, work on my skills as well. You can never stop getting better at those and focusing on those.”

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