Buzz: Will Shane Doan Hit The Market Again?

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch wonders how Shane Doan is feeling after Greg Jamison’s attempt at buying the Phoenix Coyotes fell through earlier this week.

Garrioch writes that over the Summer Doan was flirting with the Rangers, Flyers and Canucks and now “any of the three teams would be happy to have him.”

Doan signed a four-year deal with Phoenix over the summer that included a no-move clause and has a cap hit of $5.3 million.

THIS SECTION features all the Doan rumors from the summer.

Doan told Todd Walsh of Fox Sports Arizona, “It’s one of those things where I made my decision and it’s my decision. Whatever it is it’s fine, I’m okay.”

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1/10/13:In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that a meeting last Saturday between Gary Bettman, lawyer Bob Batterman and Coyotes Captain Shane Doan laid the groundwork for the two sides to reach a tentative agreement.

Doan explained that the players weren’t asking for a salary cap of $64.3, the league was offering $62.5, so that they could get more money, but instead so that fewer

players would have to be uprooted and have their lives altered.

Doan pleaded with Bettman that it wasn’t about money, but instead about family.

Brooks writes that Bettman was impressed with Doan’s plea and the owners moved to $64.3 and settled one of the last remaining roadblocks.

News: Shane Doan Officially Stays With Phoenix

According to John Gambadaro, Shane Doan has signed a four-year deal worth $21.2 million to stay in Phoenix.

Doan will get a signing bonus of $2 million so that he gets some guaranteed money when the lockout starts tomorrow.

He tweets “Doan agent Terry Bross confirms that Shane Doan has signed the contract with Phoenix and it has been sent to the NHL offices in New York”

Darren Dreger tweets “4 yrs,$21.2 for Doan to stay in Phx.$2 mil in bonus will be deferred until after contract expires.$1 mil in 2016-2017 and $1 mil year after.”

BUZZ: Shane Doan Is Signing Today and It Won’t Be With The Rangers

According to John Gambardoro, Shane Doan will sign today by 5pm but it won’t be with the Rangers.

He writes that Doan is down to two teams, the Coyotes and the Canucks.

On the issues with staying in Phoenix, hr writes “The hangup with Doan signing with Phoenix is that the City of Glendale has reneged on its original lease agreement deal with Greg Jamison”

Buzz: Shane Doan Vows To Sign By September 15th/Likely Staying In PHX

9:22PM: Sarah McLellan has quotes from Doan’s interview where she says that Doan and the Coyotes have agreed to a new deal and they are just waiting for Greg Jamison to officially purchase the team.

7:57PM: Shane Doan went on the radio and according to PHT continued to say that he will sign a new contract by September 15th.

Doan also said that he is down to two or three teams but remains committed to staying in Phoenix if the ownership situation is worked out.

Doan reportedly said that a deal is worked out to return to Phoenix, he is just waiting for a deal with the city of Glendale to be worked out.

Buzz: What The Rangers Are Willing To Offer Shane Doan

According to Bruce Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun, the Rangers are willing to offer Shane Doan a four year deal worth $24 million.

He adds that the Penguins, Flyers, Canucks are also willing to make that offer.

Doan’s agent said that he will pick a new team before the lockout.

81% of readers said that they would not give Doan  $7.5 million per season.

It has been suggested that Doan may come to NY if he is able to secure a four-year deal.

Buzz: Are The Rangers Prepared To Match That Big Offer For Shane Doan?

According to the Vancouver Province, via Rory, the Vancouver Canucks offer for Shane Doan will likely top out at $6.1 million per year as that is the number that the Sedin twins make and it is unlikely that Doan would get a higher cap hit than they have.

Vancouver is hoping that it’s location and presence in Doan’s life will draw him there.

The report says that the Rangers are willing to match the four-year offer worth $30 million that the Buffalo Sabres have on the table for Doan.

Doan’s agent said that he will pick a new team before the lockout.

81% of readers said that they would not give Doan that offer.

It has been suggested that Doan may come to NY if he is able to secure a four-year deal.

When it comes to a three-year deal, 44% of readers said that their decision to sign Doan would depend on the cap hit. 40% of readers said that they would give Doan three years.

Adam Rotter: My feelings on Doan haven’t changed. I think that he would be a luxury for the Rangers but a player that they don’t need in the way that they needed to get a scorer like Rick Nash.

Buzz: Shane Doan Will Pick His New Team Before The Lockout

According to Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic, Shane Doan’s agent Terry Bross says that Doan will sign a new contract, with Phoenix or somewhere else, before the CBA expires on September 15th.

Bross told McLellan, “(Ownership has to) be done before the 15th, otherwise we’re signing somewhere because we don’t know what the new CBA is going to look like, and I don’t know if it’s going to limit any scope of a contract, so we want to make sure we sign before then.”

She writes once again that Doan is waiting to see what happens with the ownership situation in Phoenix