Read: Pierre McGuire Talks About The Rangers Coaching Candidates

Pierre McGuire was a guest on Mike Francesa today and said that Alain Vigneault and Lindy Ruff are both outstanding coaches and candidates for the Rangers.

McGuire said he is very familiar with both coaches bodies of work and that he worked with Vigneault when both were assistants in Florida and he coached against Lindy Ruff when Ruff was an assistant with the Panthers.

He added that he would love to be inside the room when Mark Messier gets interviewed because he wants to see what Messier would say when asked about his approach to coaching.

Francesa asked if he would be concerned with having a superstar as a coach and McGuire said that it wouldn’t matter as long as Messier was surrounded by veteran coaches who have a good grasp on Special Teams, “special teams are such a critical part of the NHL today and it’s far more structured than when Mark played.”

Read: The Rangers May Or May Not Have An Interview Scheduled With Lindy Ruff

In The Record, Andrew Gross writes that the Rangers are planning to interview Lindy Ruff while the organization is out west in La Quinta, California for their meetings.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that as of last night, the Rangers had not scheduled an interview with Ruff.

The Rangers were granted permission from the Sabres to speak with Ruff.

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Buzz: The Rangers Do Have Permission To Speak With Lindy Ruff

2:04PM: John Vogl writes at the Buffalo News that Ruff skipped a golf tournament he was being honored at today because he had an important phone call to be part of.

12:11PM: Katie Strang confirms that the Rangers did seek out and receive permission to speak with former Sabres coach Lindy Ruff.

Glenn Healy and Elliotte Friedman mentioned on Saturday that they believed the Rangers had secured permission to speak with Ruff.

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Read: Is Lindy Ruff A Fit With The Rangers?

Late last week, odds were put out on who would be the next Rangers coach and Lindy Ruff was at the top with 13 to 4 odds.

Dave Maloney said on Hockey Night Live that Ruff has been around the block, is an ex-player and someone whose style emphasizes the skill players that he has.

Maloney was a teammate of Ruff’s in Buffalo in 1984-85.

Billy Jaffe said that his history of having goalies like Dominik Hasek and Ryan Miller allowed him to let his players take chances and pinch his defensemen aggressively because he had confidence in his goalies.

Last week on TSN Radio, Darren Dreger said “Ruff, is he a fit? Less so for me. I think the Rangers, more than most teams out there, know what Lindy Ruff is all about based on the amount they have seen him in past years.”

It was reported over the weekend that the Rangers have not yet reached out to the Sabres for permission to talk to Ruff.

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Read: Knowing The Direction Of The Organization

Recently on Sportsnet, Nick Kypreos spoke about how the next coach of the Rangers needs to understand the direction that the entire organization is heading in, starting with the future of upper management.

He said, “If you are going to consider a Messier, Gretzky or Leetch, you have to be crystal clear on the direction that you are personally going to go. Sather has held these cards so close to his vest and these guys want to know where the future is going. Is Glen Sather going to be involved for the next five/seven/ten years? He is 70 years old and at some point you want to groom somebody to come over.”

Doug MacLean said that he thought that role, replacing Sather, was the one best suited for Messier.

In regards to the other candidates, MacLean, a former coach, said that Alain Vigneault and Lindy Ruff are the two legit candidates, based on their careers, besides Messier and Gretzky.

Read: The Lindy Ruff Situation (Michael Peca Thinks He Will Work)

4:40PM: Katie Strang writes at ESPN NY that the Rangers have not yet sought permission to speak with Ruff and there is doubt that they are going to consider to pursue him.

9AM: Former Sabres captain Michael Peca spoke with the NY Post and said that his former coach, Lindy Ruff, would be a good fit for the Rangers.

Peca said that Ruff has a way of understanding his players and getting them to fall in line behind what he selling.

He adds that Ruff doesn’t push one style of play and is instead, “a creative coach” who adjusts the style and tempo of the play to suit the players that he has. Peca notes that he believes Ruff was fired because the players on the Sabres didn’t dictate any sort of specific style of play.

The Rangers do not yet have permission to interview Ruff.

The Bucky and Sully show in Buffalo said of Ruff “I think Lindy coached to the talent that he had, sometimes he was conservative and was too focused on defense and not offense. There was the team with Drury, Briere and Afinogenov though that led the league in scoring and was criticized for playing too wide open and not enough defense.”

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Read: Connecting Lindy Ruff To The Rangers?

According to John Vogl in the Buffalo News, the Rangers are the perfect fit for Lindy Ruff and where he wants to coach next.

Ruff reportedly wants to join an established team and has no interest in a rebuild. The closeness to Buffalo, where Ruff lives and has spent most of his adult life, is also expected to be a bonus.

Ruff played three seasons at the end of his career for the Rangers.

Vogl also notes that Ruff’s former assistant James Patrick, who is expected to join Ruff at his new job, played for the Rangers for over a decade.

Other connections Lindy Ruff has to the Rangers:

  • Ruff played four seasons with Rangers assistant coach/GM Jim Schoenfeld
  • Ruff also played under Schoenfeld for one season when Schoeny was head coach
  • Ruff coached Martin Biron and Taylor Pyatt in Buffalo
  • Ruff was an assistant coach for Team Canada in the 2010 Olympics. Rick Nash was on that team

Nick Kypreos said on the radio earlier today, “Lindy Ruff had some history there, he is an ex-Ranger. I like Lindy a lot. He has experience and has had success.”