Recap: Scott Arniel on Winnipeg Radio

Scott ArnielRangers associate coach Scott Arniel was on Winnipeg Radio last night (680 AM):

  • How has the season been, “it’s been great, outstanding. New York is a great city, a very big city, bigger than some of the other cities I have lived in and for all of us, being brand new, a lot of new players, things have been real good. It took us a while to get going, we had a tough start but we found a way to grow over the season and make the playoffs.
  • On his family coming to NY, “they enjoy coming. They enjoy visiting but we try to keep them out of the expensive stores.”

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Read: The PP and right handed shots

Rangers-Chrome-Stadium-Series-When Alain Vigneault joined the Rangers he said that he wanted each of his PP units to have three types of one shot (left or right) and two types of the other.

Vigneault said that it’s too easy for penalty killers to cover lanes and block shots when there are a group of players on the ice who shoot the same way, “when you have those one-touch passes options, the one-time shot, it makes it a lot more challenging for the opposition. If you have that, and a skill set and guys that want to learn you can have a power play that wants to go.”

The Rangers PP units for most of the season have been comprised of:

  • (LEFT): Brad Richards, Ryan McDonagh, Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Rick Nash, Chris Kreider and now Marty St. Louis,
  • (RIGHT) Derek Stepan, Benoit Pouliot, Dan Girardi

Alain Vigneault says that with the addition of Raphael Diaz the Rangers have three right hand shots on one unit and that unit created a lot of good looks on Saturday.

  • That power play was Stepan, Diaz, Girardi (Right) and Nash, St. Louis (Left)

Scott Arniel said recently that Marty St. Louis is used to playing with right hand shots on the PP, as he did in Tampa, but the Rangers are heavy on left hand shots.

When asked about the PP yesterday by Sam Rosen, Arniel said, “I thought the last game in Jersey, especially the second one was a lot better and we finally it was the first time in trying to fit Marty in there that we got him three right shots and you saw the opportunities that he had, Stepan had some good chances and Diaz had a couple from the top. It’s a work in progress and for us it’s always about our entries and starting with the puck off of faceoffs and then establishing the shot and when we do that it simplifies our game. We have gotten a little bit away from it and at this time of your the PK is working so hard to not give you anything and we have to be that much better.”

Recap: Sam Rosen with Scott Arniel

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Sam Rosen spoke with Scott Arniel on MSG before the Rangers and Coyotes game:

  • Alain Vigneault pre game press conference, HERE

  • On playing at home vs the road, “all the little things that we do on the road whether it is blocking shots or taking a hit to make a play, all the details. We have to make sure that we do all that at home and we aren’t here to entertain we are here to get two points. We have done a lot of good things in the last three games and we have a very stingy team in Phoenix and we need to be at our best.” To read more of this story, click here

Recap: Scott Arniel’s comments yesterday (On Rick Nash and Marty St. Louis)

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Scott Arniel spoke with the Rangers website yesterday about returning to Columbus and the state of the Rangers:

  • On being back in Columbus, “I would like to say that it’s all great memories and super things happened but it was part of my learning curve as a coach here and it was my first opportunity as a NHL head coach. Like I said I wish the results were different but I got to work with a lot of real good players and a good organization and certainly my time here whether short or long is memorable. I was a little nervous the first time so now I feel like I am a bit more of a veteran.”
  • On going through his former spots, “the other night and you go into Winnipeg and it’s a lot of family and friends and I still have a house there so that was different and I know that there were a lot of Ranger fans I handed out enough hats and shirts to people so I knew we would have our crowd in that building too and I guess when you have been around as long as I have you tend to run into places that you played or worked and a lot of people. It was nice to go into Winnipeg and get that game and this one will be even bigger.”

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Recap: Sam Rosen with Scott Arniel

Scott ArnielSam Rosen spoke with Scott Arniel on MSG before the game against Winnipeg:

  •  On generating more offense, “obviously that is a big part of winning games and it takes the heat off of your defensive games, having to worry about playing at your end of the rink and for us it’s about getting people at the net. We don’t always score the prettiest goals we seem to get them when it’s the second rebound, deflections, traffic on top of the goalie. When you are having trouble scoring goals you need to spend more time in front of the net.”
  • On Marty St. Louis, “We have talked to Marty and have talked with his teammates and it seems like everyone is trying to get Marty the puck and he is recognizing that other guys have some good lucks where they should shoot the puck and he is trying to get them to do that. Everybody wants it to work real quickly for Marty. We just want to get back into a position to where we are playing our games, if you are in a situation where you can shoot the puck you should do that and Marty will get open and find a way. He was with one team for a long time and that chemistry takes a long time to build.”
  • On Winnipeg, “We normally  counter with our size with Zuccarello and St. Louis but we do it with our speed and our quickness. They are big and have some wingers that can move as well that have speed, if they try to run around and use their size it means moving around quick, finding holes and countering and making them defend.”
  • On being back in Winnipeg, “lots of memories here in the NHL and AHL. We are the enemies now and for us tonight it’s us getting two points and I will take that.”

Recap: Sam Rosen With Scott Arniel

Scott Arniel spoke with Sam Rosen on the MSG pre game show:

  • What is missing, “I think that obviously we want to score. We have done a good job not giving up odd-man rushes which a few weeks ago was an Achilles heel for us. Lately we have been doing a great job of creating turnovers and getting good chances off that. Now we need the production from it. You want to see the guys get rewarded when they do those things and we just need to keep pounding pucks at the net and banging bodies and getting sticks to the net.”
  • On the current situation, “you try to keep up and stay positive. We have to put yesterday behind us. We need to be prepared for Minnesota. Win tonight and hopefully it leap frogs us into a good game for tomorrow.”
  • What changes for tonight, “not much in terms of systems. We are hoping some chemistry will come from some of these guys playing together. We have Kreider up with Nash and Stepan and that is usually a pretty good speed line. They have some big people in Koivu, Pominville and Praise. We need to keep them off the board and have our top people be at our best.

Recap: Sam Rosen with Scott Arniel

Scott ArnielOn MSG, Sam Rosen spoke with associate coach Scott Arniel

  • Nine straight home games, “we are hoping it’s good. With what we went through to start the season on the road, we have played well on the road and we need to bring that to us at home. We want to go into the new year in a high note and it can really jump us up in the standings.”
  • On what has been missing at home, “Probably consistency. We will have a good period and then back off for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and give the other team momentum. It’s playing a solid game and getting a good 60 minutes.”

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Recap: Ulf Samuelsson’s Pre-Game Comments

Ulf SamuelssonOn MSG, Ulf Samuelsson spoke with John Giannone:

  •  On last nigh and Alain Vigneault telling them not to be afraid, “I think sometimes it works to a teams favor if you have a new coaching staff and they haven’t gone through the hard times that the team has gone through there.”
  • On last night, “for me, I thought it was a real exciting game. 1-0 games can be real sleepers but I felt that both goalies played tremendously well and it was a great hockey game.”
  • On the team play last night, “the commitment to working 200 ft was one of our keys and our forwards were helping the D and it was a team effort.”
  • On Justin Falk: I think he provided some stability and played hard and was a hard player to play against. I think he was pretty good with the puck as well considering he has been out for a while.”
  • On the Kings, “The Kings are a great team and we will need another really good effort. They are a big team and good down low in their cycles and we need to use our speed.”

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Read: Fixing The Power Play and Rick Nash’s Role

4:50PM: Brad Richards told SNY’s Nick Licalzi today, “We have worked on it more this year than we have in a while. We are putting a lot of emphasis on it, which it should be. Teams that score on the PP take so much pressure off of 5 on 5 play.”

8:31AM: Yesterday, in the span of doing two radio interviews, Alain Vigneault was asked about the power play and whether it will improve this season.

Vigneault said that he isn’t sure of what went wrong in the past but that the sees a group of players that have enough skill to be good on the power play. He said that they have been working on the PP for most of the last ten days and that getting Derek Stepan back, and Ryan Callahan soon, will help since they are right handed shots.

Vigneault said that having two right shots and three left shots, or vice versa, allow the players to do one-touch passes and have an easier time setting up one-timers.

The PP units yesterday at practice were

  • Points: Michael Del Zotto (L) Dan Girardi (R). Benoit Pouliot (R), Derick Brassard (L), Mats Zuccarello (L)
  • Points: Brad Richards (L) Marc Staal (L). JT Miller (L), Rick Nash (L), Derek Stepan (R)

Miller is likely holding the spot of Ryan Callahan (R).

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Read: The Scott Arniel Impact

Scott ArnielDuring the preseason, Derick Brassard said that he thinks assistant coach Scott Arniel is going to make a big difference for the Rangers on the power play and with their forwards.

Rick Nash, who was the captain while Arniel was the head coach in Columbus, said “Arnie is great. We had a great relationship in Columbus. I really liked him as a coach. He adapts to the players. He played in the league. I am definitely excited he was here.”

Alain Vigneault praised Arniel for the job he did in developing young players while the head coach in Manitoba of the AHL. Vigneault said that he benefited from what Arniel did with the young players because they were able to help the Canucks.