Recap: Scott Arniel’s comments before the game

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the Rangers and Canadiens:

  • On the emotions of being in Montreal, “it’s the next step, getting through Pitt was an emotional series and we need to reload and start over again. We have a lot of French guys, so it’s important to them and to Alain who used to coach here so we had a lot of story lines. It’s two teams that are similar, good transition, fast, it should be an exciting series.”
  • On making sure the past in MTL isn’t an issue, “I think that playoffs and regular season are different animals and we need to build off of what we did against Philly and Pitt. Everyone needs their A Game. We need to use our quickness and forecheck and get some opportunities.”
  • On puck battles, “we saw with Pitt coming through the neutral zone to try and carry it into our end, they can make skill plays, we don’t want to turn pucks over. MTL is quick, transition team, our ability to get on the forechck has a lot to do with getting through the neutral zone. If we make them back up or turn around and chase pucks it builds into how we want to play.”

Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments

Scott ArnielAssociate coach Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before game seven between the Rangers and Penguins:

  • On the emotions, “obviously with game seven there is lots of nerves and anticipation to start playing. It seems like a long time since game six so you just want to drop the puck and get playing. I know the players are excited. This is what you live for, the things you look back on and we have already had a game seven so maybe it’s something we can draw back on for experience.”

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Recap: Scott Arniel on MSG

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the game:

  • Are the players confident, “obviously, to go into their building with our backs against the wall and to win like we did, the guys want to build on that. The guys are feeling good about the game. Game four we weren’t good, game five we were and we did a better job of getting through the neutral zone and our forecheck and it gave us confidence and an early goal.”

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Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments (On Marty St. Louis and the PP)

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the Rangers/Penguins game five:

  • On the emotions with Marty, “everyone is feeling for Marty. We landed last night and found out just as we were about to get on the bus. It shook everyone and Marty went home to take care of business but for him to come back today, he wants to be with his teammates and his teammates really want to be with him at this time, you become a family and it’s great that we can all be with him.”

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Recap: Scott Arniel on Winnipeg Radio

Scott ArnielRangers associate coach Scott Arniel was on Winnipeg Radio last night (680 AM):

  • How has the season been, “it’s been great, outstanding. New York is a great city, a very big city, bigger than some of the other cities I have lived in and for all of us, being brand new, a lot of new players, things have been real good. It took us a while to get going, we had a tough start but we found a way to grow over the season and make the playoffs.
  • On his family coming to NY, “they enjoy coming. They enjoy visiting but we try to keep them out of the expensive stores.”

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Read: The PP and right handed shots

Rangers-Chrome-Stadium-Series-When Alain Vigneault joined the Rangers he said that he wanted each of his PP units to have three types of one shot (left or right) and two types of the other.

Vigneault said that it’s too easy for penalty killers to cover lanes and block shots when there are a group of players on the ice who shoot the same way, “when you have those one-touch passes options, the one-time shot, it makes it a lot more challenging for the opposition. If you have that, and a skill set and guys that want to learn you can have a power play that wants to go.”

The Rangers PP units for most of the season have been comprised of:

  • (LEFT): Brad Richards, Ryan McDonagh, Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Rick Nash, Chris Kreider and now Marty St. Louis,
  • (RIGHT) Derek Stepan, Benoit Pouliot, Dan Girardi

Alain Vigneault says that with the addition of Raphael Diaz the Rangers have three right hand shots on one unit and that unit created a lot of good looks on Saturday.

  • That power play was Stepan, Diaz, Girardi (Right) and Nash, St. Louis (Left)

Scott Arniel said recently that Marty St. Louis is used to playing with right hand shots on the PP, as he did in Tampa, but the Rangers are heavy on left hand shots.

When asked about the PP yesterday by Sam Rosen, Arniel said, “I thought the last game in Jersey, especially the second one was a lot better and we finally it was the first time in trying to fit Marty in there that we got him three right shots and you saw the opportunities that he had, Stepan had some good chances and Diaz had a couple from the top. It’s a work in progress and for us it’s always about our entries and starting with the puck off of faceoffs and then establishing the shot and when we do that it simplifies our game. We have gotten a little bit away from it and at this time of your the PK is working so hard to not give you anything and we have to be that much better.”

Recap: Sam Rosen with Scott Arniel

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Sam Rosen spoke with Scott Arniel on MSG before the Rangers and Coyotes game:

  • Alain Vigneault pre game press conference, HERE

  • On playing at home vs the road, “all the little things that we do on the road whether it is blocking shots or taking a hit to make a play, all the details. We have to make sure that we do all that at home and we aren’t here to entertain we are here to get two points. We have done a lot of good things in the last three games and we have a very stingy team in Phoenix and we need to be at our best.” To read more of this story, click here