Buzz: The latest on Ryan Callahan (Updates)

Ryan Callahan1:46PM: “Callahan and Rangers were really close at the end, just $200,000 apart a year or so… lack of NTC in deal apparently big issue though…” (LeBrun)

1:08PM: “End of the day, Rangers stood firm at $6 mil x 6 yrs.  Callahan dropped to $6.25, but, NYR essentially ended negotiations on Tues.” (Darren Dreger)

1:03PM: Callahan asked for EIGHT-YEARS and $7.5 million late in the summer, “should be marked as the starting point for his New York departure.” (Darren Dreger)

11:32AM: The Rangers and Callahan were within “spitting distance” as of this morning but the Rangers changed their direction. (Katie Strang)

11:09AM: Callahan is still on the ice at Rangers practice. (TSN)

11:07AM: Nothing imminent on the Callahan contract front. (Mark Spector)

“Callahan’s camp moved again on $$ yesterday and 2 sides are awfully close, yet still no deal. Starting to feel headed in diff direction” (Katie Strang)

9:28AM: Things with Ryan Callahan could go either way at this point. (Larry Brooks)

8:38AM: The Rangers and Callahan have grown closer but it’s decision time for the Rangers: trade him or sign him. (Pierre LeBrun)

8:11AM: Things are quiet right now on Callahan and the Rangers. (John Shannon)

7AM: “lots of options for Glen Sather and the Rangers are considering which is not surprising. What might be surprising is that Callahan has softened to a point that the likely hood and possibility that he signs with the Rangers and remains the captain. There are a lot of balls in the air, possibility of him signing is real just as it is of him trading.”  (Darren Dreger on NHL Live)

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Buzz: A Ryan Callahan extension today or a trade is very possible (Updates)

Callahan6:54PM: The Rangers and Ryan Callahan have been talking all day but there is no deal imminent for Callahan. (ESPN NY)

3:29PM: The Rangers and Callahan are trying to get a six-year deal done today and continue to exchange proposals. (Nick Kypreos)

3:24PM: It’s getting close to make or break time with Callahan, “close gap and get contract done…or failing that, move him.” (Bob McKenzie)

3:07PM: “status quo” with Ryan Callahan and nothing new to report. (Kevin Weekes)

2:48PM: The Rangers and Callahan are “inching towards” a new contract but they aren’t there yet.  (Bob McKenzie)

2:33PM: ““everybody is talking, both sides are talking and as long as people are talking I remain optimistic. He is the captain of this team and I would take him as my captain any day of the week.” (Vigneault)

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Ryan Callahan, Anton Stralman

Buzz: Ryan Callahan feels that he has made his move on the contract

9:18AM: While it was reported yesterday that Ryan Callahan has lowered his demands from seven years to six years and from $7 million plus per season to a number south of $6.5 million, the sense, according to Katie Strang, is that there is still a lot of work to be done before the Rangers and Callahan come to terms on a contract extension.

The Rangers have offered Callahan six years and $6 million per season and are reportedly not going to budge off of that.

Bob McKenzie said on NHL Live last night that there are two ways to look at the contract situation:

  • On coming to terms on a deal: “Glen Sather spends that much on lunch on July 1 sometimes, it shouldn’t be a problem, split the difference and call it a day and there we go boom, you’re done, keep the captain in the fold and everything is wonderful.”
  • On not coming to terms, “The flip side is that Callahan believes he can get a lot more going to open market and he is already sacrificing earning power by staying and taking a lesser deal. The New York Rangers already feel, I think, that they are overpaying a guy that is a $5.5, $5.75 and that they are going the extra mile by going to $6 million a year. So it’s gonna be interesting to see where it goes. I don’t know that either side has that much wiggle room but we have a little less than 48 hours to see if they can get something done.”

Pierre LeBrun said last night that Callahan feels that he has made his move in conceding on some of his demands and now the ball is in the Rangers court.

Callahan’s agent said that he isn’t worried about Callahan’s value if he becomes a UFA.

63% of readers have voted to say that they don’t want to keep Callahan at these reported terms.

Buzz: The final push to sign Ryan Callahan/Why he went to six years/Agent knows he will get money (Updates)

Ryan Callahan10:33PM Callahan’s latest offer was $6.3 per year and the Rangers rejected it. ( TFP)

9:07PM: “the Ryan Callahan camp has moved and they have been doing the moving as of late. He has gone from seven years to six years, which was a major sticking point, they have reduced their asking price to south of $6.5 million. Really, there is less than half a million a year difference between the Rangers offer of $6 million a year times six vs Callahan’s latest offer. As far as Callahan is concerned it is up to the Rangers to respond to the offer that was made on Friday. The clock is ticking, most people around the Rangers feel that they will not budge from 6 times 6, Callahan feels he has just made his move.” (Pierre LeBrun on Insider Trading)

7:55PM: Callahan’s agent has presented the Rangers with their latest proposal and is awaiting a response. (NY Post)

7:01PM: “There have been some negotiations in the last number of days and where Ryan Callahan was originally asking for a seven year deal in excess of $7 million per year, it’s now down to six years at somewhere just south of $6.5 million dollars per year. The Rangers have recently extended an offer of six years and $6 million per year. What we are really talking about is less than half a million per year over a six year period, or under $3 million dollars.” (Bob McKenzie on NHL Live)

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Poll: Do you want the Rangers to keep or trade Ryan Callahan?

If the Rangers are to sign Ryan Callahan to a contract extension it is believed that it will be SIX-YEARS and AT LEAST $6 million per year.

5:15PM: “I don’t usually use twitter as a public opinion tool but I can tell you that when we tweeted out the info of  less than $6.5 and a $500,000 difference per year to bridge the gap, the response from New York Rangers fans was off the charts….$6 is too much, six years is too much and it was really vehement.” (Bob McKenzie on TSN 1050)

Read: What needs to happen if the Rangers do trade Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan, Rangers, The Right WayOn 98.7 ESPN Radio last night, Dave Maloney gave his thoughts on what he thought would happen by the trade deadline and whether the Rangers lineup would look different on Wednesday night.

Maloney said, “I don’t think there will be a major difference. I don’t think it makes sense to trade Ryan Callahan unless you can get a body that you can put in the lineup and play the 18-20 minutes that Callahan will give you on the PP, PK and let alone his influence. You can’t replace that. You let it ride out because if you lose him now you won’t get anything back for him, you will have to replace him in the FA market. You ride it out, give yourself a chance, maybe cooler heads prevail and things go on otherwise you will need to replace him in the FA market. I don’t think, and the Rangers are not in position to make a multi-player deal. You can’t panic because of these two games, there is a good chemistry going, a good locker room going, the coaches have an even-keel look.”

Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers can’t get rid of Callahan for “50 cents on the dollar” and if he is moved the Rangers must get a legit NHL player and either a “prime prospect” or a high draft pick. (NY Post)

Katie Strang says that her “gut feeling” is that Callahan stays. (