Buzz: The final push to sign Ryan Callahan/Why he went to six years/Agent knows he will get money (Updates)

Ryan Callahan10:33PM Callahan’s latest offer was $6.3 per year and the Rangers rejected it. ( TFP)

9:07PM: “the Ryan Callahan camp has moved and they have been doing the moving as of late. He has gone from seven years to six years, which was a major sticking point, they have reduced their asking price to south of $6.5 million. Really, there is less than half a million a year difference between the Rangers offer of $6 million a year times six vs Callahan’s latest offer. As far as Callahan is concerned it is up to the Rangers to respond to the offer that was made on Friday. The clock is ticking, most people around the Rangers feel that they will not budge from 6 times 6, Callahan feels he has just made his move.” (Pierre LeBrun on Insider Trading)

7:55PM: Callahan’s agent has presented the Rangers with their latest proposal and is awaiting a response. (NY Post)

7:01PM: “There have been some negotiations in the last number of days and where Ryan Callahan was originally asking for a seven year deal in excess of $7 million per year, it’s now down to six years at somewhere just south of $6.5 million dollars per year. The Rangers have recently extended an offer of six years and $6 million per year. What we are really talking about is less than half a million per year over a six year period, or under $3 million dollars.” (Bob McKenzie on NHL Live)

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Poll: Do you want the Rangers to keep or trade Ryan Callahan?

If the Rangers are to sign Ryan Callahan to a contract extension it is believed that it will be SIX-YEARS and AT LEAST $6 million per year.

5:15PM: “I don’t usually use twitter as a public opinion tool but I can tell you that when we tweeted out the info of  less than $6.5 and a $500,000 difference per year to bridge the gap, the response from New York Rangers fans was off the charts….$6 is too much, six years is too much and it was really vehement.” (Bob McKenzie on TSN 1050)

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Ryan Callahan, Rangers, The Right WayOn 98.7 ESPN Radio last night, Dave Maloney gave his thoughts on what he thought would happen by the trade deadline and whether the Rangers lineup would look different on Wednesday night.

Maloney said, “I don’t think there will be a major difference. I don’t think it makes sense to trade Ryan Callahan unless you can get a body that you can put in the lineup and play the 18-20 minutes that Callahan will give you on the PP, PK and let alone his influence. You can’t replace that. You let it ride out because if you lose him now you won’t get anything back for him, you will have to replace him in the FA market. You ride it out, give yourself a chance, maybe cooler heads prevail and things go on otherwise you will need to replace him in the FA market. I don’t think, and the Rangers are not in position to make a multi-player deal. You can’t panic because of these two games, there is a good chemistry going, a good locker room going, the coaches have an even-keel look.”

Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers can’t get rid of Callahan for “50 cents on the dollar” and if he is moved the Rangers must get a legit NHL player and either a “prime prospect” or a high draft pick. (NY Post)

Katie Strang says that her “gut feeling” is that Callahan stays. ( 

Ryan Callahan

Buzz: Ryan Callahan may be “softening” his contract demands (Update)

10:26AM: Callahan’ side showed a willingness to drop the seven-year request before the Olympic break and he is looking for between $6.25 and $6.5 million per season. People on both sides sound “no more optimistic now” than they were before. (ESPN NY)

9:54AM: Callahan’s latest offer to the Rangers is six-years and and just south of $6.5 million, which is still too much money per year for the Rangers. (

The Rangers are holding the line at six-years and $6 million per season. (Bob McKenzie)

9:36AM: Strang says that Callahan going to SIX-YEARS happened BEFORE the Olympic break so, “temper any optimism accordingly.” (Strang)

9:32AM: Katie Strang confirms that Callahan has come off of his request of seven-years but the two sides are still far apart on money. (Strang)

9:30AM: “Is gap enough for NYR to trade captain by Wed? Or enough for captain to want to go elsewhere? Or could 6 x $6.25M make both unhappily happy?” (McKenzie)

9:19AM: Callahan is down from his demands of seven-years and $7 million per year to SIX-YEARS and something less than $7 million, “maybe in the $6.5 to $6.75 million range.” (Bob McKenzie)

The Rangers are still looking for SIX-YEARS at $6 million, “the gap has shrunk some but still exists.” (McKenzie)

9:17AM: Callahan is down to six-years and at a number that is less than $7 million but not close to $6 million. (Bob McKenzie on TSN 1260)

  • 11:56AM: “the big thing to keep an eye on is the Ryan Callahan situation. He is the captain of the Rangers. Rangers have offered him $6 million a year times 6. He was looking for more than 7, his number has come down, he is now in the six-year range, down to a number that is less than 7 but not close to 6. Rangers have been adamant that if he doesn’t sign for what they think is fair then they will trade him.” (McKenzie, TSN 126)

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Buzz: Why teams think that the Rangers will keep Ryan Callahan

On TSN 1200, Bruce Garrioch said that many teams around the league think that the Rangers will end up signing Ryan Callahan because the Rangers operate like this all the time.

“One thing that other teams have told me is that if you watch the Rangers historically, they do it all the time. They sit there and say they will trade this guy and that guy and then they spend the money to sign them. A lot of teams think that at some point or another Sather will get that deal done.” (TSN 1200)

Garrioch said that he spoke with one GM and asked “aren’t you afriad with those guys that they break down and when they break down they break down real quick, and when you pay them that money the minute the break down they aren’t worth it. He said, ‘yea, but they are worth every dime when they are still playing that way. His feeling was that at the end of the day the Rangers will find a way to keep Ryan Callahan. It was an opinion but I thought it was an interesting take. (TSN 1200)

“I still believe that it’s likely he will get traded but perhaps he will soften on his contract demands to get a deal done. I think that would be a stretch though. (Darren Dreger on CBS Sports Radio)

Recap: Hockey Night in Canada Hot Stove on the Rangers, Ryan Callahan and Marty St. Louis

Callahan3/2/14: 8:20PM: On Hockey Night in Canada’s Hot Stove Segment, former Rangers goalie Glenn Healy discussed Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan.

  • On NYR and Marty St. Louis: “He got two more goals today, I don’t think he is going anywhere. He has been lights out since coming back from the Olympics. He is staying, there is no question.”
  • On Ryan Callahan: “Callahan is the interesting one, he started off looking for $7 million times seven years..ha ha, nice trick, next joke. He is not going to get that, now there is this big standoff on whether they re-sign him at a more reasonable number and a more reasonable term or they make a trade. Rumblings today that I have heard, if they do make a trade an interesting landing spot for him would be Buffalo. He is from Rochester, Buffalo just made a trade for Chris Stewart. Could these two work out something with one another. My heart believes that the Rangers will work hard to get him signed.”

Buffalo is reportedly willing to pay Callahan whatever he wants.

Sabres GM Tim Murray worked for the Rangers from 2005-2007 and was Assistant Director of Player Personnel when Callahan was in Hartford and made his Rangers debut.

Buzz: Rangers may be willing to go to six-years for Ryan Callahan (Updates)

Image (1) large_080414_ap_callahan.jpg for post 111573/2/14: 7:34AM: Callahan is searching for $6.75 million per seaosn because “he knows” he can get that as a UFA. The Sabres are expected to make a push for Callahan. (Ottawa Sun)

Many think that Callahan will be signed by the Rangers and if Callahan isn’t signed by the deadline it’s doubtful he will be traded. (Ottawa Sun)

3/1/14: 9:45PM: The Rangers may be willing to add one more-year to their offer to Ryan Callahan, making is six-years and $36 million. This is as far as the team will go for Callahan, “there’s nothing more within the realm of reason that can be done to entice the captain to remain on Broadway.” (NY Post)

This was first mentioned as a possibility last night.

Callahan is reportedly seeking seven years and close to $7 million per season.

The Rangers previous offer was five-years and $30 million.

Read: Alain Vigneault is confident that Ryan Callahan will be signed (Updates)

Ryan Callahan6:53PM: Glenn Healy said on Hotstove that he believes Callahan will re-sign with the Rangers and that there will be a standoff on what he will get since he won’t get $7 million a year for seven-years. He adds that the Sabres are believed to have interest in Callahan. (George Malik)

1:59PM: Vigneault said, “I gotta tell you that I am impressed. The three names that started this season, Hank, Ryan and Dan, that is a big part of our team and not just how we play but the chemistry and accountability within that group. All of those guys have handled it well. Hank has found his rhythm but in Hank’s case and Dan’s case, it never seems to impact them. They didn’t bring it here, they focused on waht is important which is our games and practice and I am impressed with how they handled it. We won’t have much more time to wonder how our team is going to be, come Wednesday.” (98.7 ESPNNY)

12:57PM: “Dan is a New York Ranger, has been one all his life and he’s a big part of our team. I’m very confident the other half will get done. (Vigneault on MSG)

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Ryan Callahan, Travis Hamonic, Evgeni Nabokov

Buzz: The gap with Ryan Callahan is still there (Updates)

11:05AM: Alain Vigneault says that he is confident Ryan Callahan will sign. (Steve Zipay)

3/1/14: 10:27AM: “I can’t imagine unless Ryan Callahan absolutely caves that they don’t move Ryan Callahan. Where he ends up will be sketchy…. Tampa Bay makes sense because of the ongoing dialogue with Tampa Bay about Martin St. Louis. But it doesn’t matter what team, whether it’s the Rangers, Tampa or any team in free agency, Wwho is going to want to pay Ryan Callahan, as good of a player as he is,  close to $7 million per. I will watch that pretty closely.” (Darren Dreger on ESPN Denver)

2/28/14 6:26PM: I don’t think it changes much with Ryan Callahan unless he softens his stance. Last I checked today he wanted upwards of $7 million. He won’t get that from the Rangers, won’t get that from TB and I would be shocked if he got that on the open market. (Darren Dreger on TSN Drive)

Steve Simmons asked Dreger if Ryan Callahan owned a mirror to which Dreger replied,  “It’s a tough one. Steve, you know he is a good hockey player, but is he a $6.75 million dollar player, not even close. I don’t mind the heart and soul label though it’s grossly overplayed at times. He is a take it in the teeth kind of guy. He will block shots, do whatever it takes to win, but when you are doling out close to $7 million you need to be an offensive difference maker and he is not.” (Darren Dreger on TSN Drive)

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