Read: Why the Edmonton Oilers wanted Benoit Pouliot so badly

Benoit Pouliot8/25/14 | 9:41AM: On July 1, the Edmonton Oilers gave Benoit Pouliot a FIVE-YEAR deal worth $4 million per season.

Edmonton GM Craig MacTavish says that his team went after Pouliot because of his work ethic, his skating and his ability to provide a strong forecheck which the Oilers have been lacking. (

MacTavish said that they hope Pouliot is going to continue to grow as a player and even if he doesn’t score, he can provide energy and play physical. (

Read: What to do with Benoit Pouliot’s vacant spot?

Benoit Pouliot Broadway HatOne of the questions asked by Tal Pinchevsky about the Rangers this season is who will replace Benoit Pouliot on the LW in the Rangers top nine. (

Jeff Gorton says that the Rangers coaching staff has some ideas about who can fill the spot vacated by Pouliot. He thinks that it will be some “trial and error.” (

The Rangers website lists Tanner Glass, Carl Hagelin, Chris Kreider, Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello at LW while Nash and Zuccarello both played RW last season.

Mats Zuccarello said that he hopes he and Derick Brassard can recreate the chemistry that they had with Pouliot though he doesn’t know who he will play with and doesn’t want to speculate. He does say that he knows Lee Stempniak is a skilled player. (Nettavisen)

Adam Rotter: I think the Rangers may want to consider bumping Chris Kreider down to skate with Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard and put Marty St. Louis up with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash (LW). Kreider brings a lot of what Pouliot did to that line and I don’t think you want Marty St. Louis and Mats Zuccarello on the same line since they are similar players. That is a powerful top six and puts Carl Hagelin and Stempniak on the third line, with (likely) JT Miller or Matthew Lombardi and a fourth line of Tanner Glass, Dom Moore and the Rangers 12th forward.

Read: Benoit Pouliot on leaving New York and joining Edmonton (What Glen Sather told him)

Benoit PouliotBenoit Pouliot spoke today in Edmonton about his decision to leave the Rangers and join the Oilers. (Oilers)

Pouliot said, “It’s tough. I really enjoyed NY and had a great time. The team treated us well and everything but when it comes to free agency and not knowing what will happen, some teams have money and some don’t. Coming here is good and a challenge and fun, they are so young and fast and it’s gonna be a great fit.”

On speaking with Glen Sather after signing with the Oilers, “Glen actually called me and left me a message saying good luck and that I would enjoy it and it’s a great place to be and coming from Glen is big. He is a great man and the way he treated me this year was awesome.”

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Recap: Benoit Pouliot on Edmonton Radio

Benoit Pouliot was a guest on TSN 1260 yesterday after signing a FIVE-YEAR deal with the Oilers (1260)

  • Why did you sign in Edmonton, “as soon as they were allowed to talk to me and my agent they were excited and interested in me and the fact that it’s such a young and fast team and they have had their struggles but the way it’s going and how young and how they play the game got me interested. That was the main reason.”
  • How important was a long-term deal, “very important and the main thing coming into this negotiation, I really wanted a long-term deal which I have never had. Knowing where you will be the year after helps a lot mentally and it lets you just think about the game and not worry about anything else. The past 4-5 years have been tough not having a long-term or knowing what will happen and now I do and I know I will be in Edmonton, I am happy and looking forward to it.”

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NEWS: Benoit Pouliot Signs a FIVE-YEAR deal with Edmonton

Pouliot5:09PM: MacT said that Pouliot was the top target for the Oilers because of his size, speed, how he tracks the puck and how he competes

5:02PM: Craig MacTavish said that Pouliot was one of their two top targets heading into free agency. (TSN)

12:12PM: Benoit Pouliot has signed a FIVE-YEAR deal with the Oilers. (Oilers)

Pouliot’s cap hit is $4 million. (Elliotte Friedman)

Five-Years, 20 millions. (Pierre LeBrun on TSN)

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Read: Wanting to win or wanting money (Benoit Pouliot)

Benoit Pouliot Broadway Hat Stanley Cup Puzzle6:27PM: Pouliot’s agent tells Larry Brooks that “so far” it looks like his client will head to free agency. (Brooks)

6:21PM: Benoit Pouliot met with the Senators today. The Penguins are also pursuing him. (Scanlan)

11:24AM: Glen Sather was asked after the draft on Saturday about the what kind of valuation Benoit Pouliot should have after bouncing around for a few years but being a big part of the Rangers last season.

Sather said that Pouliot found a place where he was comfortable, where the coach liked him and where his line had good chemistry. Sather said that going to another place could bring Pouliot, or any player in that situation, back to being in the same type of situation as he had before coming to the Rangers, “which doesn’t always work out.”

He added, “I think you need to decide yourself what is more important, winning or getting a few more dollars some place else.”

The Rangers are trying to keep Pouliot but he is looking for a long-term deal.

It’s expected that Pouliot will generate a lot of attention tomorrow. (Toronto Sun)

Buzz: Benoit Pouliot, Anton Stralman and Brian Boyle all expected to go to free agency

RangersUnless a “dramatic and unexpected change” occurs, Brian Boyle, Anton Stralman and Benoit Pouliot are all likely to leave the Rangers and become unrestricted free agents tomorrow at Noon. (Larry Brooks)

The Penguins are expected to make a push for Pouliot. (Larry Brooks)

The latest on Stralman was that talks between he and the Rangers were not going as planned.

Pouliot has the choice between more money or wanting to win.

It was expected that Boyle would hit free agency.