Read: Arron Asham Says That Some Players Were Fed Up With John Tortorella

This is an Arron Asham jersey7AM: In a chat with the Portage Dailygraphic, Aaron Asham said that while he enjoyed playing for John Tortorella, some players had grown tired of Tortorella and his style of coaching.

Asham said that the dressing room was “intense” and players were “uptight” and that now with Alain Vigneault coming in “we can start laughing and having some fun.”

On Tortorella, Asham said that he is very intense and while he “does a decent job” of getting the most out of his players, the guys who have been there for a long time were getting “fed up” with all the screaming and intensity.


Read: Arron Asham Says That The Rangers Haven’t Given Up On Him

This is an Arron Asham jerseyIn his chat with the Portage Daily Graphic, Arron Asham said that he fully expects to be with the Rangers in training camp this September and that even though he was placed on waivers, the Rangers haven’t given up on him.

He said that he was placed on waivers for some salary flexibility and that he wasn’t hurt by the organization doing so.

Asham did say that he would have been happy if someone claimed him on waivers.

He was placed on waivers on July 4th, along with Darroll Powe, and cleared on July 5th.

It’s been considered that Asham and Powe could be sent down or traded at the end of training camp to clear some salary cap space.

Sending Asham down to the minors would free up $925,000 on the salary cap but the team would be charged a cap hit of $75,000. Asham has a cap hit of $1 million and when a team sends down a player, on a one-way contract, that has a cap hit higher than $925,000, they are charged with a cap penalty of the difference between the cap hit and $925,000.

NEWS: Darroll Powe and Arron Asham On Waivers

This is an Arron Asham jersey

Ryan Rishaug reports that Darroll Powe and Arron Asham have been placed on waivers.

Powe and Asham are both signed for next season with a cap hits of $1.06 million and $1 million respectively.

The combined cap charge for both of them next season is $2.06 million and if the Rangers put both of them in the minors, via Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the team would only be charged with a combined total of $217,000 against the cap.

A player’s cap hit when he is sent to the minors on a one-way contract, via cap geek is, is the players cap hit minus the minimum salary + $375,000.

They have not been placed on waivers with the intention of a compliance buyout.

Read: The Rangers Fourth Line Last Night

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Two-thirds of the Rangers fourth line last night was not in the lineup last Thursday in the Rangers loss to the Panthers.

Arron Asham returned from injury, Kris Newbury was called up from Hartford and combined with Darroll Powe, they scored a goal and drew a key penalty that led to the Rangers tying the game.

  • Darroll Powe: 8:35 with one shot, two hits and a blocked shot
  • Kris Newbury: 8:55 with an assist, three hits and 2 wins and 4 losses on faceoffs
  • Arron Asham: 6:39 with a goal, two shots and three hits.

When asked to describe the role his line played in the game, Asham said that they provided his teammates with some “jump.”

John Tortorella said last night that the fourth line “changed the complexion of the game” and played a big role in the Rangers securing a point.

Dan Girardi said on MSG that the way the fourth line played was exactly the way it needs to moving forward.

Before the game on MSG, John Tortorella said of Kris Newbury “He is a junk-yard dog. He is physical, he is on the puck. He just can’t cross the line with the discipline. He has been a good solider down there. We are hoping maybe he bangs one in for us. He brings some jam.”

Read: Arron Asham Needs To Get Into Game Shape

Arron Asham skated for the first time since last Wednesday in Winnipeg and told the team’s website this morning that his back is still a bit of an issue, but it’s gotten better and now at a point where he can play through.

Asham said that he feels his back would hold up during a game, but before he can re-enter the lineup, he needs to get back into game shape.


Read: Arron Asham Is A Work In Progress

This is an Arron Asham jerseyYesterday in Winnipeg was the first time that Arron Asham has been on the ice since 2/23.

Asham has missed the Rangers last 10 games with back spasms and told the team’s website that he hopes to keep feeling better, but called the process a “work in progress.”

He added that he has been frustrated watching the team over the past 10 games and not having the chance to help the team take steps in the right direction.

John Tortorella said yesterday, via the Daily News, that he hasn’t been able to get a good read on what Asham can provide since he has been injured.

On the Rangers process/decision to bring Asham to the organization, Tortorella said “when we did our work on him, before we signed him, he’s played on every damn team in the league, and we talked to a lot of teams in the league and everybody just raved about him and the type of guy he was … we just haven’t seen enough of him. I’ve watched him from afar. He brings an element to the team and also can play, and I know that but we need to get him healthy to see if he can help us.”

He has one goal this season and is averaging 6:12 per game.

Adam Rotter: Depending on how Michael Haley continues to play, I wonder where Asham will fit into the lineup. They play similar styles, can both drop the gloves, and create energy. Asham is the more polished player but John Tortorella at least seems intrigued with Haley.

Note: Arron Asham Says He Is Feeling Better

6:34PM In a post to twitter, Arron Asham responded to a question from @HockeyValkyria asking how he was feeling.

Asham responded, “feeling better thanks hope to be back soon.”

Asham last played on 2/19 against Montreal and has been out since with what was originally called back spasms.

The Rangers, as they do with all of their players besides Michael Sauer (concussion), list Asham as “injured” in their game previews.

Stats: The Last Player To Do What Rick Nash Is Doing

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Rick Nash has eight goals on the season and all eight have come in the third period.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Nash is the second period in  NHL history to have his first eight goals be in the third period.

The last player to do this was teammate Arron Asham in 2003-04 when Asham was with the Islanders.

That season Asham had 12 goals and 12 assists, nine third period goals and eight fights.

News: Arron Asham OUT Tonight

John Tortorella says, via Andrew Gross, that Arron Asham is out tonight with back spasms.

Michael Del Zotto and Marc Staal are game time decisions.

Christian Thomas is en route to Montreal.