NEWS: Arron Asham and Martin Biron on Waivers (Updates)

1:12PM: According to Larry Brooks, Alain Vigneault just met with Asham and Biron individually to tell them they have been placed on waivers.

12:05PM: According to Ryan Rishaug of TSN the Rangers have placed both Arron Asham and Marty Biron on waivers.

Both players are in the final year of their contracts, Asham with a cap hit of $1 million and Biron at $1.3 million.

If sent down, Asham would count $75,000 against the cap and Marty Biron would count $375,000 in dead space.

Both Asham and Biron have histories with Vigneault that pre-date the Rangers. Asham played for Vigneault in Montreal for parts of three-seasons and Biron played for Vigneault as an 18-year old in juniors.

This is an Arron Asham jerseyAsham was placed on waivers during the offseason and cleared.

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It had been suggested that Alain Vigneault wasn’t thrilled with Martin Biron so far this season.

Adam Rotter: The Asham move isn’t that surprising. It came down to him and Darroll Powe at the end of training camp for the fourth line veteran spot and Asham was kept because of his size and physical play. He hasn’t been that effective and was scratched on Saturday in favor of going with seven defensemen.

With Biron, I thought he would get at least one or two more starts before the team made a decision. That being said, while there is risk in losing him and the team must be okay with that, they may be trying to use this as a motivating factor and a way to get his game back on track.

Just because they were placed on waivers doesn’t mean that their time with the Rangers is over. They can be sent to Hartford at any point in the next 30 days. If they are on the roster past 30 days then they will have to be placed on waivers again with the intention of sending them down.

News: Arron Asham Playing Tomorrow/Fighting For His Career (Updates)

This is an Arron Asham jersey10/7/13

Asham told the Rangers website:

  • “I’m basically fighting for my life. I am not getting any younger. This could be my last year. I will be working for a job next year and helping this team make the playoffs and making a good run. I came in with a do or die mentality.”
  • “I came in knowing that I was on a thin line, I had a decent exhibition season and made it hard for the coaches to send me down. Hopefully I can stay in the lineup and make it easy for the coaches to keep me in the lineup.”

Asham added that he got into a routine last year of only playing 4 or 5 minutes a night and that he is looking forward to getting some more minutes this year, “I have some more minutes in these legs.”

Asham also said that John Tortorella ran a pretty tight ship and that guys are now coming to the rink everyday with smiles on their faces.


7:40PM: The Rangers have noted on twitter that Arron Asham will make his season debut tomorrow.

Pat Leonard says that Jesper Fast will come out of the lineup.

He tells the team’s twitter account, “I want to show that there is some life left in these old legs…..I am fighting for my career here.”

Read: Arron Asham Says That Some Players Were Fed Up With John Tortorella

This is an Arron Asham jersey7AM: In a chat with the Portage Dailygraphic, Aaron Asham said that while he enjoyed playing for John Tortorella, some players had grown tired of Tortorella and his style of coaching.

Asham said that the dressing room was “intense” and players were “uptight” and that now with Alain Vigneault coming in “we can start laughing and having some fun.”

On Tortorella, Asham said that he is very intense and while he “does a decent job” of getting the most out of his players, the guys who have been there for a long time were getting “fed up” with all the screaming and intensity.


Read: Arron Asham Says That The Rangers Haven’t Given Up On Him

This is an Arron Asham jerseyIn his chat with the Portage Daily Graphic, Arron Asham said that he fully expects to be with the Rangers in training camp this September and that even though he was placed on waivers, the Rangers haven’t given up on him.

He said that he was placed on waivers for some salary flexibility and that he wasn’t hurt by the organization doing so.

Asham did say that he would have been happy if someone claimed him on waivers.

He was placed on waivers on July 4th, along with Darroll Powe, and cleared on July 5th.

It’s been considered that Asham and Powe could be sent down or traded at the end of training camp to clear some salary cap space.

Sending Asham down to the minors would free up $925,000 on the salary cap but the team would be charged a cap hit of $75,000. Asham has a cap hit of $1 million and when a team sends down a player, on a one-way contract, that has a cap hit higher than $925,000, they are charged with a cap penalty of the difference between the cap hit and $925,000.

NEWS: Darroll Powe and Arron Asham On Waivers

This is an Arron Asham jersey

Ryan Rishaug reports that Darroll Powe and Arron Asham have been placed on waivers.

Powe and Asham are both signed for next season with a cap hits of $1.06 million and $1 million respectively.

The combined cap charge for both of them next season is $2.06 million and if the Rangers put both of them in the minors, via Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the team would only be charged with a combined total of $217,000 against the cap.

A player’s cap hit when he is sent to the minors on a one-way contract, via cap geek is, is the players cap hit minus the minimum salary + $375,000.

They have not been placed on waivers with the intention of a compliance buyout.