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Rick Nash scored 26 goals and added 13 assists (in 65 games) to tie for a career low 39 points.

Nash’s points per game of .60 was the second lowest of his career and down from the .95 he put together in his first season with the Rangers when he had 42 points in 44 games.

In the playoffs, Nash had three goals and 7 assists in an average of 17:25 per game.

Asked about Nash, Craig  Button said on SNY’s Rangers Blue Line podcast recently,”It’s always interesting to me with Rick Nash and it depends what your expectations are. I think Rick Nash is a very good player, he is big, strong and does a lot of things that help you win. I think 40 goals is really hard to do, I don’t think he can be a 40 goal scorer but I don’t expect him to be a 40 goal scorer, I think he can fall into the 25-30 goal range.”

Button added, “I think that he can provide that offensive thrust, playing in the offensive zone is the best way to play defense and with his skating and how he can stretch a defense…. but I don’t see him as a 40 goal scorer. I think 40 goal scorers are rare and 40 is the old 50 and if you get 30 you are a pretty darn good player but the contract that is tied around Rick’s neck and the expectation that he should be some prolific scorer…. I really like Rick Nash, I want him on my team but I think you have to realize what he is and how he helps you the best and then celebrate it.”

Nash has four years left on his deal with a cap hit of $7.8 million and a no-trade clause from 2015 to 2018. (Cap Geek)

Recap: What Rick Nash said on breakup day

NashRick Nash met with the media on breakup day and said (Rangers):

  • “It was one of the best groups that I ever played with. So much fun in the dressing room and it was a tight knit group.”
  • How much does the season motivate you to go further when you get this close, “it’s a tough one to handle right now. You work all season and playoffs to get there and you can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and then to have it taken away from you was pretty tough to digest.”
  • What brought this team so close, “we came together in the dressing room but on the ice as well. I don’t think I have ever played with a tighter group than this one.”

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Rick Nash

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Don Cherry was on Hockey Night in Canada Radio yesterday and discussed Rick Nash and his playoff struggles. (CBC)

Cherry said, “hard to believe and no one can figure it out. He had opened nets and put it over the top. He has hit posts, he skates, I thought this was his best playoffs at least with hitting and banging and skating the best he could, he is not a floater, he does his best but I don’t know what happens. He gets around that net in the playoffs and it’s just not there. He should have been a force. I really thought he would excel in this Final but I was fooled again, I thought he would be great int he Olympics and he wasn’t.”

On what you say to a player in a slump, “he led in shots so as long as he is getting the shots, if he isn’t getting the shots you can say that he isn’t going to the net and doing the dirty things. He was there, what do you say, relax? How do you tell him to relax? He is getting shots and doing the banging and no one can figure out what he can’t put the puck in.”

Rick Nash

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Rick Nash scored 3 goals in 25 playoff games bringing his Rangers total to four goals in 37 playoff games over the past two years.

Nash led all skaters with 83 shots on goal but only had a 3.6% shooting percentage which is far below his 12.4% regular season average.

When Nash was on the ice, the Rangers controlled 51.5% of the shot attempts and 52% of the shots on goal. (ES)

Nash, who had 11 hits in the regular season, had 45 hits in the playoffs.

Larry Brooks writes that Nash played “extremely hard” but not well enough to justify him being the impact player the Rangers thought they were acquiring from Columbus. Brooks says “maybe next year” for Nash breaking through in the playoffs but adds that his struggles are “an issue.” (NY Post)

Katie Strang writes that Nash was “largely ineffective” in the playoffs, especially when the Rangers needed a timely goal. She says that Nash was assertive and trying to make a difference but his lack of scoring was “jarring.” Strang wonders if Nash might welcome a trade from the Rangers as a “reprieve from the unrelenting scrutiny” he faced in the playoffs.  (ESPN NY)

Allan Muir writes that the “gorilla” on Nash’s back has permanent residence there until next season. (SI)

Adam Rotter: It was a disappointing playoff for Nash in terms of production but I don’t believe anything will happen with him in the offseason and that he will certainly return to the Rangers top line next season. He is still a dangerous player and someone that the other team has to account for on the ice. All you can hope for is that this run has taught Nash how to play in the playoffs and that next year he will get his goals when the Rangers need them. The regular season for Nash is almost meaningless to the point where he could get 50 but all anyone will care about his how many he gets in April, May and hopefully June.


Read: Looking for Rick Nash tonight in game five

Rick Nash enters game five in LA tonight with no points in the Stanley Cup Final.

Nash has 16 shots in the four games, though only 1 shot and 14:06 of ice time in game four.

Mike Keenan said after game four, where Nash had four hits, that he liked Nash’s play and saw him play with more “presence, drive and determination.”

In this series, when Nash is on the ice the Rangers have controlled 46.2% (game one), 65% (game two), 64.3% (game three) and 32.1% (game five).

Carl Hagelin said that Nash does so many good things for the Rangers, is working hard, strong on the puck and solid defensively. Hagelin added that he thinks Nash will score tonight for the Rangers. (Yahoo)

Nash says that he expects himself to score and has been frustrated with his lack of production. (Daily News)

Justin Bourne says that Nash isn’t a player who needs help from other players to score and that taking him away from Derek Stepan, and then maybe away from the top defense pair of the other team, could open things up for Nash. (The Score)

Alain Vigneault said after game three, “He battled real hard like he’s done through the playoffs for us. Doesn’t have a lot to show for it, but he’s competing hard.”

Adam Rotter: All through the playoffs people have said that the Rangers won’t get past this opponent or that opponent without Rick Nash contributing and ultimately that hasn’t been the case. The Rangers score by committee and with Henrik Lundqvist in goal, only scoring once may be enough. That said, it would certainly be a big benefit to the Rangers if Nash started to score and give them a boost as they look to make history. He is doing a lot of good things on the ice and you can’t say that he isn’t trying or not bringing an “A” effort but if he were to start scoring he would add that next dimension to the Rangers.

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Rick Nash has been held scoreless in the Stanley Cup Final and has no points in his last four games, dating back to the Rangers game six loss to Montreal where he had 1 goal and 1 assist.

  • In game one, Nash had 3 shots on goal and 1 shot that missed the net in 15:37. He was a minus one
  • In game two, Nash had 8 shots on goal, 2 shots that were blocked and five hits in 23:02. He was a minus one
  • In game three, Nash had 4 shots on goal, 3 shots that were blocked and 1 shot that missed the net. He played 16:24 and was a minus one

Larry Brooks writes that once again Nash was one of the most “formidable Rangers” in game three and once again “Nash did not score.” (NY Post)

Katie Strang writes that in game three Nash was as energetic and engaged as he was at any point in the playoffs and provided a sharp contract to how he played earlier in the playoffs. (ESPN NY)

Strang writes that Nash is playing good hockey and has had good jump but, along with everyone else, needs to be better if the Rangers are going to try and make a comeback. (ESPN NY)

Nash said that he can’t be satisfied with just getting chances and he has to put them in to help the team. (ESPN NY)

In the playoffs. Nash has 0 goals and 2 assists in 11 home games and 3 goals and 5 assists in 12 road games.

During the regular season, Nash had 13 goals and 5 assists in 33 games at MSG and 13 goals and 8 assists in 32 road games.

Rick Nash

Read: Rick Nash, the PP and people being angry about him not being there

6/7/14 | 7:49AM: Chris Kreider says that inside the Rangers locker room the players know that Nash is doing a lot to help them win games. (Record)

Derek Stepan said that Nash is “snake bitten” right now but still creating offense. (Record)

6/6/14 | 10:33AM: In game one against LA, Rick Nash saw 13 seconds of time on the PP and 15:37 overall.

Nash had three shots on goal and was a minus one.

Doug MacLean, who drafted and coached Nash in Columbus said on Hockey Central At Noon yesterday, “I’m a little miffed by this. I know he has struggled but if a star is struggling don’t you always want to get him on the PP and get him a goal. He doesn’t play the PP last night? This is a team that can’t score and he isn’t on the PP? I’m sorry, I don’t get it.”

Nash played 1:36 on the PP in game six against Montreal and in the playoffs, Nash has one goal and one assist on the PP and has had an average of 2:26 per game.

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