Note: Rick Nash not on the ice in the third period (UPDATE: With wife)

Rick Nash10/13/14 | 1:51PM: Nash and his wife Jessica have had a baby boy. (Brooks)

10/12/14 | 10:29PM: Alain Vigneault said on MSG, “this morning when he left he told me his wife had said that the water broke. When they got to the hospital it had not but then in the second period she called back and I guess at that time it had.”

9:26PM: the Rangers have confirmed that Nash has left to be with his wife. (MSG)

9:22PM: Rick Nash is not with the Rangers for the third period and it’s believed that he has left to be with his wife who is due to give birth at any moment. (MSG)

Alain Vigneault said earlier today that Nash was a game time decision because his wife’s water had broken.

Nash scored his fourth goal of the season in the first period and played 11:40, had one shot on goal, one shot that was blocked, 2 hits, 1 giveaway and was 2 and 2 on faceoffs.

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NashRick Nash had two goals and a primary assist last night for the Rangers to go along with 14:38 of ice time, 4 shots on goal and three shot attempts that were blocked.

Nash said that he doesn’t think anything about his game is different from last year other than last year his shots probably don’t go in. He added, “but last year is last year.” (MSG)

Nash added that scoring is great but he knows how quickly things can turn the other way and you can go from being the hero to the one that people pile on. (MSG)

Asked about Nash, Dan Girardi said “he has been a beast from day one, even before camp, we saw something different from him. The look in his eye, the way he is practicing and playing is not something that we have seen yet.”

Alain Vigneault and Henrik Lundqvist both said Nash had a “huge” game and Lundqvist added that it was “great to see.”

Ryan McDonagh and Mats Zuccarello both said that Nash has been playing well since Camp started and McDonagh said that his game last night was “awesome.”


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Rick Nash1On the MSG training camp show, Dave Maloney said that Rick Nash changed his training approach a bit this summer.

Dave added, “I do think he looks differently, looks quicker and for me, if he is skating in a straight line heading to the net he will be a good player.”

Asked how he felt by John Giannone, Nash said “I feel good and I focus in it every summer. This summer was short and there wasn’t a lot of time to relax and get out of shape.”

He added that the drought he went through in the playoffs has inspired him to work harder and turn things around.

Nash also said that shooting against Henrik Lundqvist everyday is “huge.”

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Rick Nash5:25PM: Alain Vigneault said of Nash today, “it’s what we are looking for as far as veteran leadership. Rick, at every practice, has been focused and paying attention, paying attention to details on the ice. Working extremely hard, this camp compared to last year, it’s night and day.”

9/28/14 | 9:39AM: On Friday in Chicago, Rick Nash played 16:16, had a primary assist, 5 shots on goal and 1 shot attempt blocked.

Nash set up Anthony Duclair’s goal on what Alain Vigneault called a “great pass.”

Asked about how he felt, Nash said that he felt “really good” and that he and his line had 3-4 chances that should have been goals, “but that will come.” (MSG)

Nash has said that he has come to camp in really good shape.

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Rick Nash THN9/21/14 | 8:57PM: Rick Nash says that he feels “great” after a summer of cardio work because the Rangers asked him to come to training camp in better shape. (NY Post)

Nash said that he was in good shape at the start of last season but got hurt, a concussion, and that made the rest of the season tough for him. (NY Post)

He said that following his return from the concussion it was “tough” for him to “feel comfortable” playing the more physical side of the game. He said that it wasn’t as much being “careful” as much as not being “comfortable” in certain situations. (NY Post)

Nash said that he feels he played more physical in the playoffs and got to the “inside” more.(NY Post)

  • In the regular season, Nash had 11 hits in 65 games.
  • In the playoffs, Nash had 45 hits in 25 games.

On this season, Nash says that he is fine with any role the coaches put him in and that he feels good.(NY Post)


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NashAlain Vigneault has mentioned the past two days that he will use part of training camp to see how Rick Nash looks on the left side after spending most of his time with the Rangers on the right side.

Asked about potentially being used on the left side, Nash said “I got no problem with that. I started out as a LW and switched over after playing LW for a few years. I don’t mind either side.” (NYR)

Asked about being more comfortable on the right, Nash said “I think that if I spent a month on the left it would come all back to me but the right feels more normal right now.” (NYR)

Nash said after he was acquired that he was fine playing either side.

He is listed as a LW on the Rangers website.

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Rick Nash12:03PM: Nash is listed as a bounceback candidate by They expect Nash to score 30 goals and get 65 points. (

9/8/14 | 9:41AM: Ken Campbell has Rick Nash listed at #1 on his list of “top 10 players/coaches” on the hot seat. (THN)

He says that Nash “simply can’t produce” when his teams need him the post and that if you combine all of his playoff games and his Olympic games, he has 7 goals in 54 games. (THN)

Campbell says that in the past Nash was able to drive to the net with players all over him and now he can’t seem to find his way to the net. (THN)

Nash was ranked 11th on’s list of the top LW’s.

They say that while Nash needs to produce, his value goes beyond points as he has become one of the Rangers “most important” penalty killers, plays against the top players on the other team and is relied upon to be good away from the puck. (

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Adam Rotter: I don’t see Nash on the “hot seat” for the regular season. I think he will be around 60 points, score 30 goals, and be the same streaky/sometimes awesome player that he has been since he came to the Rangers. The playoffs though is another story and he will have a tremendous amount of pressure on him to produce. His lack of scoring last year was an issue but was overshadowed a bit by Marty St. Louis, Henrik Lundqvist’s performance and the fact that the Rangers were winning without him. It’s a long way to the playoffs but come April the “hot seat” will be waiting for Nash.

Rick Nash

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Rick Nash’s career high in points is 79 and only three other times in his career has he cracked the 60 point mark.

  • In 2013, Nash had 42 points in 44 games which puts him on a 78 point pace.

Nash has 10 straight 20 goal seasons and has scored 30 goals in 7 of those seasons.

In the Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide, they write “Are you ready to stop banking on name and potential and call him a 60-point player who occasionally gets 65-69?” (Dobber Hockey)

Nash, 30, is signed for four more seasons with a cap hit of $7.8 million.

  • Dobber projects Nash to score 30 goals and 26 assists.
  • Sports Forecaster has Nash scoring 33 goals and adding 25 assists.
  • The Hockey News has Nash scoring 31 goals and adding 22 assists.

Adam Rotter: 30+ goals and 30 or so assists won’t justify Nash’s cap hit but it’s realistic to expect and probably along the lines of what he will end up. Nash has put up pretty consistent numbers when healthy and there is no reason to think that, if healthy, he won’t do the same. That said, everything with Nash this season is just a set up for what he will/won’t do in the playoffs.