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Read: Rick Nash is just a 60 point guy

Rick Nash’s career high in points is 79 and only three other times in his career has he cracked the 60 point mark.

  • In 2013, Nash had 42 points in 44 games which puts him on a 78 point pace.

Nash has 10 straight 20 goal seasons and has scored 30 goals in 7 of those seasons.

In the Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide, they write “Are you ready to stop banking on name and potential and call him a 60-point player who occasionally gets 65-69?” (Dobber Hockey)

Nash, 30, is signed for four more seasons with a cap hit of $7.8 million.

  • Dobber projects Nash to score 30 goals and 26 assists.
  • Sports Forecaster has Nash scoring 33 goals and adding 25 assists.
  • The Hockey News has Nash scoring 31 goals and adding 22 assists.

Adam Rotter: 30+ goals and 30 or so assists won’t justify Nash’s cap hit but it’s realistic to expect and probably along the lines of what he will end up. Nash has put up pretty consistent numbers when healthy and there is no reason to think that, if healthy, he won’t do the same. That said, everything with Nash this season is just a set up for what he will/won’t do in the playoffs.


Stats: Looking at projections for Rick Nash this season

8/8/14| 11:04AM: The Hockey News Pool Guide has Rick Nash scoring 31 goals and adding 22 assists in 76 games.

They write that while Nash doesn’t score in the playoffs, there is no risk of him doing that in the regular season.

Last season, Nash had:

  • Regular Season: 26 goals, 13 assists 65 games
  • Playoffs: 3 goals, 7 assists, 25 games

Kevin Weekes said earlier in the offseason, “Rick Nash can look at ways that he can bounce back. It was a difficult post season for him, I’ve known him a long time, he is  a character guy and one of the elite goal scorers of this generation but maybe he needs to go back to school a bit and say that he can make some adjustments to be the Rick Nash that he expects and also the Rick Nash that everyone expects.” (Rangers)

Former NHL GM Craig Button talked about the expectation vs reality for Nash.

Nash is an “elite goal scorer” at even strength and he leads the league in 5 on 5 goals per 60 minutes since 2012. (NHL.com)

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Read: Rick Nash rides the subway/doesn’t get recognized often

Rick NashRick Nash said that on most game days he takes the subway or drives to Madison Square Garden from his apartment in lower Manhattan. (Dispatch)

Nash says that being in New York he doesn’t read the newspapers and stays away from the media.

In terms of fans, Nash said that with so many people in the city he hardly gets recognized which he says is “totally my style.”

Neither the Rangers or Nash are looking to at a trade that would send him away from the Rangers.

Craig Button recently talked about expectations vs reality for Nash.

Buzz: Rick Nash is not going anywhere

Rick Nash THNThe Rangers have no intention of asking Rick Nash to waive his no-move clause and he has no interest in leavin the Rangers. (NY Post)

Larry Brooks says that the concept is not on the table for either side. (NY Post)

Brooks says that nearly every conversation he has had with an agent or hockey executive this summer has included the idea that the Rangers trade Nash. (NY Post)

Nash has four more years left on his contract at a cap hit of $7.8 million. His no-move clause expires after this season but he has a no-trade clause for the remaining three-years. (Cap Geek)

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Read: Expectations vs reality for Rick Nash

Rick Nash scored 26 goals and added 13 assists (in 65 games) to tie for a career low 39 points.

Nash’s points per game of .60 was the second lowest of his career and down from the .95 he put together in his first season with the Rangers when he had 42 points in 44 games.

In the playoffs, Nash had three goals and 7 assists in an average of 17:25 per game.

Asked about Nash, Craig  Button said on SNY’s Rangers Blue Line podcast recently,”It’s always interesting to me with Rick Nash and it depends what your expectations are. I think Rick Nash is a very good player, he is big, strong and does a lot of things that help you win. I think 40 goals is really hard to do, I don’t think he can be a 40 goal scorer but I don’t expect him to be a 40 goal scorer, I think he can fall into the 25-30 goal range.”

Button added, “I think that he can provide that offensive thrust, playing in the offensive zone is the best way to play defense and with his skating and how he can stretch a defense…. but I don’t see him as a 40 goal scorer. I think 40 goal scorers are rare and 40 is the old 50 and if you get 30 you are a pretty darn good player but the contract that is tied around Rick’s neck and the expectation that he should be some prolific scorer…. I really like Rick Nash, I want him on my team but I think you have to realize what he is and how he helps you the best and then celebrate it.”

Nash has four years left on his deal with a cap hit of $7.8 million and a no-trade clause from 2015 to 2018. (Cap Geek)

Recap: What Rick Nash said on breakup day

NashRick Nash met with the media on breakup day and said (Rangers):

  • “It was one of the best groups that I ever played with. So much fun in the dressing room and it was a tight knit group.”
  • How much does the season motivate you to go further when you get this close, “it’s a tough one to handle right now. You work all season and playoffs to get there and you can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and then to have it taken away from you was pretty tough to digest.”
  • What brought this team so close, “we came together in the dressing room but on the ice as well. I don’t think I have ever played with a tighter group than this one.”

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Rick Nash

Read: Don Cherry talks about Rick Nash’s playoff issues

Don Cherry was on Hockey Night in Canada Radio yesterday and discussed Rick Nash and his playoff struggles. (CBC)

Cherry said, “hard to believe and no one can figure it out. He had opened nets and put it over the top. He has hit posts, he skates, I thought this was his best playoffs at least with hitting and banging and skating the best he could, he is not a floater, he does his best but I don’t know what happens. He gets around that net in the playoffs and it’s just not there. He should have been a force. I really thought he would excel in this Final but I was fooled again, I thought he would be great int he Olympics and he wasn’t.”

On what you say to a player in a slump, “he led in shots so as long as he is getting the shots, if he isn’t getting the shots you can say that he isn’t going to the net and doing the dirty things. He was there, what do you say, relax? How do you tell him to relax? He is getting shots and doing the banging and no one can figure out what he can’t put the puck in.”