Read: Dominic Moore is ready to accept any role given to him

Dom MooreOn Wednesday, Alain Vigneault said that Dominic Moore could see an increased role with the injury to Derek Stepan.

Vigneault said that Moore stepped up in the past when needed and that this season he is “in a different place physically and mentally.” (NYR)

Asked on Thursday about a possible increase in role, Moore said “My mentality is to do my job and do it well and do what I am asked to do. Whatever that is I try to do my job well.” (NYR)

He added that he is comfortable playing any role and his focus is on just doing his job. (NYR)

On coming into this season, Moore said “compared to where I was when I started last season, definitely different. There is no shortcuts coming back last season and this year it’s different coming in at this point.”



Read: Contract talks for Dominic Moore were harder than expected

Dominic Moore:Stanley Cup Picture PuzzleDominic Moore said that he didn’t expect his contract talks with the Rangers to be hard but they ended up being harder than he thought. He said that he was glad to have everything settled though and to know for sure that he is returning to the Rangers. (Daily News)

Moore signed a TWO-YEAR deal with the Rangers worth $1.5 million on July 1.

He said that he wanted to return to the Rangers partly because of the opportunities he has to play up and down the lineup like he did in the playoffs. Moore said that he gained the trust of the coaches and he started to trust himself more on the ice as the season and playoffs went on. He added that he will play whatever role is asked and that ultimately winning is what matters the most. (Daily News)

Moore said that coming back this season after a year off was “way tougher” than he thought it would be. (National Post)


Recap: Dominic Moore on TSN Radio Yesterday

Dominic MooreDominic Moore was a guest on TSN Radio at 3:15PM yesterday:

  • Getting ready, “been working on the forehand and getting the spin going. It’s just a big party.”
  • What is the vibe, “the chriping is half the battle. You gotta have some good trash talk. It’s a great time and a great event.”
  • On ping pong, “anybody can play and that is the theme of the event. It’s interactive and social. We are having a good time and people are enjoying it.”
  • How many people are in Toronto in the summer, “so many Ontario guys who grew up ehre and they are easier to come out. Guys fly in and either way I am grateful for htem to take time out of their summer. We are fortunate to have a huge lineup again this year.”

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Recap: Dominic Moore on Sportsnet Radio

Dom MooreDominic Moore was on Prime Time Sports yesterday (Sportsnet):

  •  On staying with the Rangers for two years, “Glad to be staying in NY. We had a great season this year and personally, coming back and having the year that we did, it felt great but to stay a blueshirt is a great feeling for sure.”
  • On not having to move around a lot anymore, “we will see. Like you said, having been through so many ups and downs it’s nice to have some constancy.”

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Recap: Dominic Moore on TSN Radio (On the playoffs, staying in NY and Dan Boyle)

Dominic MooreDominic Moore was a guest on TSN Radio earlier this afternoon:

  • On the Cup Final, “Well, I have nothing but good memories of the playoffs and the Final, there is no doubt that LA is deserving winners. The margins are small, 3 of the 5 games go to OT and two were double. We know that we were right there but LA definitely deserved the Cup. It’s motivation for next season but a lot of things as a team that we will look back on fondly throughout the playoffs and good memories.”
  • On game five and the missed chances, “those are the things that you think about, even game one there were some big time scoring chances in the OT. McDonagh hits the post and those are the margins of the way the game goes and you work as much as you can to earn your breaks but that is how the game goes. If we had gotten one of the OT games it would have changed the complexion of the series. But, as it stands and as it is, LA is very deserving and worthy champions.”

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