News: Chris Kreider Given A Game Misconduct (Updates)

Chris Kreider7:30AM: The NHL department of player safety reviewed the hit during and right after the game and they are not expected to conduct a hearing or “enact” supplementary discipline on Kreider. (NY Post)

Kreider came from the side and minimized the impact by “slowing down to a near stop” before hitting Tyutin. (NY Post)

The Rangers may ask the league to rescind the major and game misconduct. (NY Post)

1/7/14: 7:13AM: No supplemental discipline is expected for Kreider after the hit on Tyutin last night. (Larry Brooks)

Tyutin has a lower-body injury being described as a charlie horse. (Aaron Portzline)

1/6/14: 8:57PM: Ulf Samuelsson said that it was probably a five-minute penalty and that Kreider had to have stopped a little more since Tyutin was in a vulnerable position. (John Giannone)

Joe Micheletti didn’t think Krieder deserve a five-minute major.

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Watch/Read: Chris Kreider On Why He Fought Dion Phanuef

In the third period last night, Chris Kreider engaged in his first NHL fight with Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

Phaneuf and Kreider had been battling all game and as Dave Maloney continually mentioned during the broadcast, the two were engaged during the Rangers win over the Leafs prior to the Christmas break.

Kreider told Dave Maloney last night “I don’t know how it transpires but it is what is.”

He said after the game that he was saying some “really dumb stuff” to Phaneuf and should have just kept hi mouth shut. (NY Post)

Kreider added that Phaneuf slashed Derek Stepan and it rubbed him the wrong way, “I probably took it a little too far.” (Newsday)

Read: Why Chris Kreider Didn’t Get An OT Shift on Thursday

Chris KreiderChris Kreider played 17:37 against the Penguins on Wednesday night, including being on the ice in the final two and a half minutes, but didn’t take a shift in OT.

Kreider was moved around a bit in the third period, taking his regular spot with Rick Nash and Derek Stepan but also seeing some shifts with Brad Richards and also with Dominic Moore and Benoit Pouliot.

Kreider had one shot, one missed shot and two hits against the Penguins and according to Extra Skater, was on the ice for 15 shot attempts for and 18 against at Even Strength. He was on the ice for 12 shots on goal for and 12 against.

Alain Vigneault said on Thursday that he stopped playing Kreider because he wasn’t winning enough board battles and didn’t finish his checks.

He said that he felt other guys were going better than Kreider he went with them, especially in OT where the same group of forwards just keep rotating.



Read: Chris Kreider Has Made Progress

Chris Kreider ranks tied for second in the NHL in points by a rookie with 18 (8 goals and 10 assists) and has gotten his 18 points in six fewer games than the players he is tied with.

Kreider is emerging as a serious threat to win the Calder as Rookie of the Year and is becoming one of the NHL’s most immovable forces from in front. (NY Post).

Dave Maloney said, after Kreider’s hat trick against Vancouver, that Kreider makes a lot of good little plays and that while the headline will be the Hat Trick, the little things Kreider does like creating space, using his size and speed are what make him effective.

Joe Micheletti added, “Kreider has improved in every area. He is hitting, skating, fore-checking, scoring, setting up plays and it’s been impressive.”

Rick Nash, via the Rangers, said “Kreider has all the skills to be an All Star in this league.”

Corey Pronman, who has had questions about Kreider in the past, wrote at ESPN Insider, that Kreider has turned a corner and is finally starting to fulfill his potential.

Pronman spoke with Rangers Director, Player Personnel Gordie Clark who said that Kreider’s progress has been “quite evident” and that the biggest obstacle for Kreider in his career was his need to learn how to play defense and play away with the puck.

Maloney said before the Rangers played the Caps, “Chris’s game has become a full game. He is firm on the puck, get into position and gets the puck to the net. He is doing all the things to create room for himself.”

After scoring to tie the game in the third period against Calgary, Kreider said that he is trying to get to the net on every shift and create opportunities from there.

Derek Stepan told Dave Maloney after the Calgary game that Kreider is a big part of his success and Benoit Pouliot said that Kreider is doing what he needs to do and using his size and speed to score goals.

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Image: The Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider, Rick Nash Line

Stepan Line

Following the game, on MSG, Rick Nash was asked by John Giannone about why this line worked so well. Nash said, “It’s tough to put your finger on one thing, it just seemed like there was a lot of open room. I think Kreids backs people off with his speed, Step is so good at both ends of the rink that it allows both wingers to cheat more offensively.”

Read: Chris Kreider Has No Ill Will Towards John Tortorella

Chris KreiderIn the first intermission of yesterday’s win over Vancouver, Bill Pidto mentioned the two goals that Chris Kreider scored and labeled them as revenge since they came against John Tortorella.

Following the game, John Giannone asked Kreider if there was any extra motivation for him because of Tortorella’s presence on the Vancouver bench. With a straight face, Kreider said that there wasn’t and that yesterday was just a chance to pick up two points and get a win at home.

Kreider told the NY Post that he has no hard feelings toward John Tortorella and that Tortorella taught him a lot in the early part of his career.

After the game, via Rangers Report, Kreider said:

  •   on the way Tortorella treated him “I would struggle trusting me too, I was playing through an injury. There are no hard feelings…I learned a lot from him. The assistant coaches and I had a pretty positive experience but like I said…it’s two points and we are happy to come away with the win.”
  • When asked what kind of relationship he had with John Tortorella, Kreider said, “a pretty positive one. He communicated what he want and expected from me. He worked pretty closely with me and helped me get better as a player.”
  • On his confidence taking a hit last year, “no…not really. My confidence in my ankle took a hit. I learned very quickly that it’s hard to play through an injury but I managed to do it. On the whole it was a very positive learning experience for me.”
  • Did last year help you become better, “I think I learned a lot of smaller nuances and the little things that you need to do to make the team win. I learned a lot of little things.”

Kreider dealt with bone chips in his ankle last season.

John Tortorella, as has been the case dating back to his time with the Rangers, wouldn’t comment on opposing players.

More on their time together can be found, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Read: Chris Kreider Finally Has A Goal In November

KreiderOn Thursday night, Chris Kreider scored his first goal since October 31st.

Kreider described the play to John Giannone by saying,  “It’s just a great neutral zone play by Dan Girardi and Derek Stepan. I think that Dan stepped up with a little pass to Derek….he always has his head up and he made a great lateral play to me and I probably should have tried to take the guy wide but he was pretty deep and I teed it up and I guess it went in. (nervous laugh)”

Krieder had two shots on goal, after having 4 and some “Grade A” chances against Boston, and said on MSG that he laughs because he couldn’t score when he had good opportunities but then he takes a shot and it goes in off a stick or a shin pad…..but I’m not complaining.”

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Read: Chris Kreider Thought He Hit His Spot Last Night

Chris KreiderLast night against the Bruins, Chris Kreider was stopped on a penalty shot and on a breakaway as he attempted to beat Tuukka Rask on the low blocker side both times.

After the game, Kreider told Rangers Report:

  • “I’m always looking to shoot. I picked my spot and I either hit the top of his pad or the bottom of his blocker. I thought I hit my spot but I didn’t”
  • On being snake bitten, “I have to give him a ton of credit, he had a great game and he is a great goaltender but I am confident in my ability to shoot a hockey puck and I think that when I hit my spot it tends to go in especially pretty close and pretty in tight. When your linemates are giving you opportunities you need to finish and you need to reward them. It’s just back to the drawing board and working on it over the next few days.”
  • On the penalty shot, “I don’t think it’s any secret that that is where I want to go on a penalty shot…..especially when the ice isn’t that great. Come down and snap it low block…it’s something I have been doing for a long time and for a lot of goalies it’s hard to stop when you hit your spot but I guess I just didn’t hit my spot.”

Dave Maloney said that Kreider was tremendous last night and that the next step for him is to be a bit more relaxed and confident when he is in a shooting position. Maloney said, “soften the hands up, soften the mind and be a finisher.”

Alain Vigneault said that Kreider, who had four shots on goal, 1 shot blocked and 3 that missed the net, did everything he was supposed to do last night and had a bunch of A+ scoring chances.

Kreider hasn’t scored in nine games but has eight assists during that time. In that span, Kreider has 19 shots on goal during that span.

Adam Rotter: You want to see Kreider score on some of his chances, but if he keeps playing like he is, those chances will keep coming and so will the goals. He is playing the way we were always told he could and as the season moves on he will start scoring more goals. He’s creating offense, and his line has been pretty consistent since being put together and for both the short-term and long-term future of the team it’s great to see.

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