Read: What You Can Expect From Arron Asham

On July 1, the Rangers signed Arron Asham as part of a plan to replace Brandon Prust.

When asked if readers liked the move to sign Asham, 58% said that they didn’t.

On what Asham can bring, he told a Pittsburgh newspaper, “I’m still capable of going out there and giving you a good 10 or 12 minutes and contributing offensively. I’ll fight when the team needs me to. I haven’t lost much of the fighting skills. “

Pro Hockey Talk wrote of Asham, “For a team looking for so-called “toughness that can play,” Asham could be a nice fit.”

Pensburgh writes of Asham, “Always one to defend a teammate, Asham is a willing scrapper and definitely a physical force to be reckoned with. He is a guy that will fight for his teammates, but he’s also capable of some Islander-level thuggery. Do we really need that on this team next year? “

On his signing with the Rangers, The Pensblog wrote, “He’ll def make the Rangers better”

Two years ago, while Asham was on the Flyers and it was written that Boston may have interest in him, I wrote “He is another guy made to play for the Flyers, a la Dan Carcillo, but he would be a good player for Boston to add. He is tough, doesn’t take anything and can get under the other teams skin.”

News: Rangers Sign Arron Asham

According to Josh Yohe, the Rangers have signed Arron Asham.

Yohe says that Asham has signed for two years and $1 million per season.

He had eight fights last season and five goals and 11 assists last season for Pittsburgh. He had 95 hits last season.

Yohe adds, “Asham really wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, but Pens didn’t make offer. Good deal for him. Has now played for every Atlantic Division team. All my favorite fourth-liners are in New York. Ash. Rupper. Time to move to New York, perhaps. Two of the best guys ever.”

Adam Rotter: Bias aside, and Asham historically has not been a player I have liked, I understand but don’t love this move. Asham is a veteran and most likely the replacement for Brandon Prust. He provides some toughness and was a teammate of Mike Rupp’s in 2010 in Pittsburgh. He has gone over the line in the past (see below), something that Prust never really did, but he is effective at what he does. It’s the cost effective option of keeping a similar kind of player to Prust in the lineup.

Asham was suspended four games in the Penguins first round series against the Flyers. One game will carryover from the suspension into next season.

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