Note: Rick Nash Didn’t Play For Davos Today (Updates)

1:08PM Kutcha says that Nash is out of the lineup once again

7:50AM Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the Rangers have been told that Nash was held out of yesterday’s game as a precaution.

The injury to his groin isn’t serious.


3:47PM: Nash has a sore groin according to Larry Brooks and it isn’t believed to be serious

1:37PM: According to Marcel Kutcha, Davos is playing today without Rick Nash in the lineup.

The ZSC twitter account, the team Davos is playing says that Nash is “injured.

Stats: Game by Game Breakdown of Rick Nash’s Davos Stats

At Sportsnet, Luke Fox lists the top 30 players who are playing overseas and puts Rick Nash at 21 on the list.

Nash has 9 goals and 5 assists in 12 games for Davos.

His game by game breakdowns have been:

  • 11/3/12: 5 shots on goal (Davos 6-2 win)
  • 10/30/12: 2 shots on goal (Davos 5-1 win)
  • 10/27/12: 6 penalty minutes, -4, 6 shots on goal (Davos loss 5-4)
  • 10/26/12: 2 goals, +2, 7 shots (Davos 6-5 win)
  • 10/23/12: 2 assists, +1, 6 shots on goal (Davos 4-2 win)
  • 10/20/12: 1 goal, 1 assist, +1, 9 shots on goal (Davos 3-2 win)
  • 10/19/12: 1 assist, 3 shots on goal (Davos 4-1 win)
  • 10/13/12: 1 goal, 3 shots (Davos 4-2 loss)
  • 10/12/12: 1 goal, -1, 1 shot (Davos 6-3 loss)
  • 10/9/12: 1 goal, 1 assist, +2, 5 shots (Davos 3-2 win)
  • 9/28/12: 3 shots (game he was injured in) (Davos 4-2 loss)
  • 9/25/12: -1, 7 shots (Davos 3-2)
  • 9/23/12: 3 goals, +3, 7 shots (Davos 9-2 win)

Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see goals that Nash has scored in Davos.

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Note: Rick Nash Is Perfect According to HC Davos

On the individual player pages on the HC Davos website, they give each player a 1-10 ranking in the categories of Speed, Precision, Defense, Torstarke (Strength? According to our friend Rhino, it means Goal Scorer or Effectiveness), and Strategy.

In the case of Rick Nash, he recorded a perfect 10 in each of those categories.

Joe Thornton was given a score of ten in all of the categories as well.

Former Ranger Petr Sykora picked up a score of 9 in the categories of speed, precision and strategy. He was a ten in Torstarke and a 7 in defense.



Picture: Joe Thornton and Rick Nash Play On A Snowy Mountain

Goal starts at 2:46

Watch: Rick Nash Goal From The Weekend

Read: Rick Nash is Adamant That His Shoulder Issue Wasn’t Serious

Earlier this week Andrea Branca and Nicola Martinetti of provided an interview that they conducted with Rick Nash.

They asked Nash how serious his shoulder injury was and if any of his new teammates with the Rangers reached out to him.

Nash said, “yes, sure. My teammates made sure I was ok… It wasn’t that bad or that serious, fortunately I was able to get back on the ice missing only a few games”.

Nash missed a few games after suffering a shoulder bruise at the end of September.

To see goals that Nash has scored while playing for Davos, CLICK HERE.

Nash has six goals and one assist in six games for Davos. Joe Thornton has nine points in 10 games.

Watch: Rick Nash’s Dazzling Goal From The Weekend

Interview: Rick Nash On The Rangers and Being in Switzerland

Written by and interview conducted by: Andrea Branca, Nicola Martinetti (

AMBRÌ – There are many NHL players currently playing in the swiss NLA, but New York Rangers’ Rick Nash is for sure one of the most followed and anticipated. He already played for HC Davos in the 2004-2005 lockout, winning the swiss championship with his friend and teammate Joe Thornton, at that time captain of the Boston Bruins.

8 years later Rick Nash – 678 NHL games, 550 points all with the Columbus Blue Jackets and an olympic gold medal won in Vancouver in 2010 – came back to Davos to spent in Switzerland his “free time” due to another NHL lockout. Nash, after being at the center of a big trade move by New York that saw him becoming the missing piece in Rangers’ pursuit to the Stanley Cup, couldn’t make his debut as expected on October 12 in Los Angeles against the Kings. Instead, he’s trying to help Davos in a disappointing season start: the team was able to get only 11 points in 13 games (in Switzerland a victory gives you 3 points); despite that, Rick Nash and Joe Thornton are leaving their marks (again) on the  swiss league. In fact, Rangers’ superstar scored 6 goals in 6 game, while the Captain of the San Jose Sharks is actually the top scorer of the team with 9 points in 10 games.

On October 13 Rick Nash was in Ambrì for the game between HC Ambrì Piotta and HC Davos; at the end of the game we had the amazing opportunity to talk with him for a couple of minutes: “Tonight we didn’t play our best game, it’s a tough lost. We absolutely need points, we are close to the last place, the situation where we are right now it’s of course disappointing”.

Rick Nash, do you think something changed in Davos since the last lockout?

“Well, obviously the players that I’m playing with have changed, but not much other then that. That’s because I think we got a lot of things that we have to fix, we got to be a lot better”.

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