BUZZ: Rick Nash Is Heading Back To New York To Have His Groin Looked At

Nash The Hockey News1:31PM: Brooks writes in The Post that Nash will be examined by the Rangers doctors.

12:22PM: According to Larry Brooks, Rick Nash is currently on a flight to New York to have his injured groin looked at.

This is believed to be a precautionary move and the injury to Nash isn’t thought to be serious.

Nash re-aggravated his groin issue on 12/1 and it was revealed that it was his groin that was keeping him out.

The report was that he would be out for a week.

He first sat out games on 11/23 with a groin injury and returned to the lineup a week later and score two goals.

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Quote: Henrik Lundqvist Is Depressed

I have become more and more depressed the longer the lockout going on. I need something that drives me.

Henrik Lundqvist to Expressen

Lundqvist said that it would be important for the NHL to get back soon “It is extremely important that we play this season, no doubt about it. And the most important part is from Christmas onwards. football ends, baseball is over, so we get the more space in the media. That’s when the owners earn the most money and it generated the most interest. But then, it remains to see how hard the hit is when it comes to audience and sponsors. “

Read: Derek Stepan On His Game and Why He Chose To Play In Finland

Through nine games, Derek Stepan has 2 goals, 1 assist, is a plus five, has a shootout winner, had 14 shots on goal and is averaging 21:33 per game.

Stepan said in an interview with the KalPa website that Finland was the place that he felt suited his game the best, “I didn’t really even think about it any other countries. I thought that the SM-Liiga, with their style of play would be the European country most similar to that of North America, and therefore would suit me best.”

When asked about his game, Stepan said that his strengths are in his skating and knowing how to be creative with the puck. He said that he can usually anticipate much of what is going to happen on the ice and that works to his advantage. Stepan said that he knows he can get stronger to deal with bigger and more veteran players, but overall he just wants to be better at everything and turn himself into more of a complete player.

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Buzz: Rick Nash Re-Aggravted His Groin Issue/Davos Playing Michael Del Zotto’s Team Today

According to Marcel Kutcha, who was in conversation with Melissa, Rick Nash will be out for one week because he re-aggravated his groin issue over the weekend.

The issue was originally thought to be a back issue.

Nash missed a few games recently with a groin issue but returned to the lineup and scored two goals.

Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Pissed and Wants A Deal a recent interview with the AP Henrik Lundqvist once again expressed his feelings on the lockout by saying, “we just have to figure it out here with the owners and come to a solution. Everybody is suffering, from the fans, the players, people working with the game. It’s not necessary. The game is strong enough that we should be able to figure it out.”

He added that he feels for the fans and has many of the same emotions, “I have some anger, disappointment, some embarrassment, too. I understand that the fans are disappointed, and it’s hard to explain the whole situation. I don’t think a lot of people know all the details and how much we really sacrificed to try to come closer to the owners. It doesn’t really matter. They deserve the game out there to be played right now. I definitely feel a little embarrassment that we can’t figure it out sooner.”

 Lundqvist spoke out Friday and said that he wants the bigger market teams involved in the talks.