Note: Carl Hagelin Is A Fan Of The Bigger Ice Surface

In his first game for his hometown team, SSK, Carl Hagelin picked up two assists.

In an interview with hockeysverige, Hagelin said that playing on a bigger ice surface will help his play, “I can clearly become more aggressive when I play. Already in the next game, I hope that that particular piece will be a little better. – The surfaces you get when the rink is bigger makes you you can get wider the zone which should suit my skating pretty good. I noticed this evening that it was possible and use just that quite well.”

Highlights, with Hagelin’s introduction can be found HERE.


Read: Carl Hagelin Is Happy He Wasn’t Allowed To Play In The AHL

Tonight Carl Hagelin makes his debut for his hometown team in Sweden.

Hagelin, due to waiver restrictions, was not allowed to play in the AHL this season and he told a Swedish paper that he is happy it worked out that way.

“At first I thought it was the AHL applicable. It was nice that it was not so. You do not want to down there, because you never know if you get stuck. This is for my development too and SSK was the best option.”

NEWS: Carl Hagelin Is Going To Play In Sweden

According to Katie Strang, Carl Hagelin has a signed deal to play for his home town team in Sweden.

Hagelin played for Sodertalje for two years before coming to North America and playing at the University of Michigan.

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5:53PM: Linus Hugosson tweets that Hagelin has signed on for the remainder of the NHL lockout.

6:41PM: Hagelin’s team has lost five of six games and Hagelin will head to Sweden at the end of next week.

The director of Hagelin’s team said “We know exactly what we have in him, and of course a player of his caliber characteristic of any team in Sweden

Note: Carl Hagelin Is Staying In North America Until At Least 10/1

Carl Hagelin told Hockeysvergie, a Swedish Hockey website, that he is staying in North America until at least 10/1 and will make a decision on where to play after that.

His former team, Sodertalje has shown interest in bringing Hagelin back.

Hagelin said that there was a chance he could have been put on waivers, to be able to play in the AHL, but the Rangers told him that will not happen.

He notes that he can’t/won’t go to the KHL and if he does return to Sweden, he will only play with Sodertalje.


Buzz: Carl Hagelin May Consider Playing In Sweden

According to the NY Times, Carl Hagelin is considering playing for his hometown team of Sodertalje in Sweden.

Hagelin’s agent told Jeff Z. Klein “That is Carl’s hometown and the team where he played junior, and there is a chance that he will play there. We’ll see what other options emerge for him, and we’ll see what happens with the labor situation. No decisions have been made, no deals discussed. Just looking at the possibilities for Carl right now.”

His old team previously indicated interest in bringing back Hagelin.