Read: Carl Hagelin’s Shoulder Is Much Better and Isn’t Having Problems Working Out

At Hockey Sverige, Carl Hagelin is interviewed and said that his shoulder is doing “better and better” and he isn’t having problems working out.

Hagelin said that he and his teammates take it easy when they do their workouts and tend to run drills and then some four on four that isn’t very “intense.”

He said that he is skating but hasn’t taken any contact and is just trying to be safe.

When asked what was next for Hagelin, he said “Try to work out and get fit again and strengthen the shoulder as much as possible.”

Read: If The Lockout Continues It Isn’t Impossible To See Carl Hagelin Return To SSK

It was announced today that Carl Hagelin is leaving his Swedish team, SSK, due to the shoulder injury he suffered recently.

The two sides decided to terminate the contract on December 8th and Hagelin had already been ruled out for all of November as a precaution.

In an interview with, club direct Maria Andark said that the team hasn’t planned to bring Hagelin back if the lockout extends for the season, but “there is a shred of hope” that it could still happen.

The interview also notes the important role Hagelin has leading the younger players who were able to see how hard he worked on and off the ice. They also note that the main reason for Hagelin leaving is to make sure that his shoulder is safe and not aggravate it further.

Hagelin’s injury isn’t believed to be serious.

THIS SECTION is all about Hagelin and SSK.

Adam Rotter: While there is obviously no imminent deal for a CBA, Hagelin is making this decision with the idea of the season starting soon. He can re-join some of his teammates and skate in NY and not worry about re-injuring his shoulder and falling behind when/if the season starts.

Buzz: Carl Hagelin Is Done In Sweden

According to Mattias Ek at Expressen, Carl Hagelin will not return to Sweden to play for SSK due to his shoulder injury.

Hagelin is staying in New York to rehab his shoulder and his contract expires on 12/8

9:19AM: Hagelin and the team decided to end his contract on 12/8 so that Hagelin wouldn’t risk hurting his shoulder more.

SSK released this statement:

There is of course incredibly unfortunate for us, but especially for Calle he happened to this injury. The matches he could do for us has really been able to see the parent club Calle has. Meanwhile, it’s like this in the sport, it suffers damage and it’s not so much you can do except complain. We want to thank Calle for all the positive things he has contributed both to ice on the side and we wish him a speedy to recovery.

Madhawk said of Hagelin, “When I saw Hagelin against Malmö, he was nearly scary good.”

Buzz: Carl Hagelin Is Out For November

According to Aftonbladet, SSK has announced that Carl Hagelin has been ruled out for the month of November due to his shoulder injury.

Hagelin is currently in NY to see doctors and get rehab on his shoulder.

The statement from the team, when translated is “Carl Hagelin has gone to New York in order to receive damage in the shoulder examined, and perform rehab. As it stands now, Hagelin not be current for games in november.”

THIS SECTION is all about Hagelin and SSK

Buzz: Carl Hagelin Is Back In NY, Injury Isn’t Very Serious

According to Larry Brooks, Carl Hagelin is in NY while his Swedish team SSK is on a two week break.

Hagelin is in New York for rehab on his shoulder.

Brooks says that Hagelin won’t need surgery on his shoulder.

for more on Hagelin’s shoulder and his time in Sweden.

Adam Rotter: I was told last night that Hagelin was back in the area, NJ specifically, and was telling people that his injury wasn’t serious and that his shoulder was “fine.”

Note: Still No Update On Carl Hagelin’s Shoulder (Will Be Re-Examined This Week)

12:57PM: reports that Hagelin will be re-examined this week and the extent of his injury is still unknown.


This translates to “notification of Carl Hagelin’s shoulder injury lingers. He was not on # SSK -workout today.”

It was reported yesterday that Hagelin’s injury may be worse than was originally thought.

Buzz: Carl Hagelin’s Shoulder Injury May Be Worse Than Originally Thought

At Expressen, Mattias Ek writes that SSK is concerned with how hurt Carl Hagelin’s shoulder is and that it may be worse than they originally thought.

Hagelin went to see a shoulder specialist and that the Rangers may get involved as they are worried about Hagelin.

He underwent an MRI on Friday and is waiting for the results.

Swedish scout Anders Hedberg told Ek that Hagelin has been great for SSK but that he doesn’t know how injured Hagelin may be.

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News: Carl Hagelin Isn’t Playing For Team Sweden This Week

According to reports from Andreas Hanson, Carl Hagelin has withdrawn from playing for Team Sweden in the Karjala Cup next week.

Hagelin suffered a shoulder injury on Tuesday.

The coach of Sweden’s team said of losing Hagelin, ” It’s boring. It would have been fun to see him debut.”

The coach added, “It’s a player who has developed all his hockey not just skating all highlights. I see him as a complete player”

A report from Mikael Widerberg says that Hagelin suffered the shoulder injury over a week ago when he was “tackled” in a game against Djurgården. He notes that Hagelin played on but suffered another “bang” to his shoulder that caused him to leave the game on Tuesday.

Hagelin missed SSK’s game last night.

Hagelin, along with prospects Jesper Fasth and Oscar Lindberg, were named to the international tournament.

Buzz: Carl Hagelin Hurt His Shoulder In Sweden Today (Updates)

12:33PM: Andreas Hanson tweets ” On one side Hagelin tone down the damage as a “precaution”. On the other side says Strömwall that Carl is a “big question mark” to the game. “

11:11AM: Hagelin told sverigesradio that he suffered the first blow to his shoulder on Saturday and then suffered another one yesterday. He added that he didn’t practice but it was just as a precaution.

Hagelin added that he is taking it one day at a time and that he wants to rest so that he can make sure to play with the Swedish team at the Karjala Cup next week

10/30- 8:40PM: According to reports from Mattias Ek, Carl Hagelin left the third period of his game today with a shoulder injury.

His coach said that it isn’t believed to be serious but rested Hagelin in the third period since he wasn’t 100%.

The report indicated that Hagelin has had shoulder injuries in the past.