Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG last night (Update: Pre game comments)

Ulf Samuelsson17:47PM: Ulf spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the game:

  • How much more confident is the team, “We are excited to be here and to get another crack at it. We did a lot of good things in game four but there are still things that we could have done better and we are excited to get the chance.”
  • What do you want to do better, “We want to play to our strength which is defend hard and counter punch. We have been trading chances too much in the last few games and we fell off our pace and we are looking to get back to our strengths.”
  • On Henrik Lundqvist in elimination games, “He is a terrific goalie and we are excited that he is behind us and that should give us more confidence to play our game and give the shots up that we want to give up and not the really hard ones and working on rebounds and getting them out of the way and freeing the zone.”
  • On rebounds, “I think there are always rebounds, it’s impossible to get every puck to stick and it’s when we try and get on the right side to eliminate sticks in front of the net.

11:24AM:Ulf Samuelsson was a guest on Rangers Insider on MSG last night and spoke with Bill Pidto, Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti.

  • Why did you fly out to LA today and not last night, “you look at getting a full night’s sleep and then fly over and then had a nice little practice on the ice and they start off slow but found it after and we are in a good frame of mind right now.”


  • What one thing really needs to improve, “I think that we have played good minutes in game three but have strayed away from our system and team play and the momentum management of the game has been up and down and we want to play more consistent up or down. We lost our focus in the last game and got away from how we play.”
  • What are you trying to do to counter the LA push, “we really gave them a lot of help in their transition. We helped them out quite a bit and we were anxious at times and we didn’t read and react and LA is a good counter puncher off the rush and we need to read it properly to defend.”
  • The biggest challenge for a defenseman against LA, “the combo of size and speed is sometimes unusual, sometimes you have small skilled forwards or bigger, slower ones. When you have big and fast you need to be really good with your gap and not give too much and you have to be there at the right times and if you give up the blue line it opens up a can of worms and if you open up they can beat you wide.”
  • On Dan Girardi’s game, “Danny is the ultimate pro and we had a talk after practice today about the stick and where it broke and he know that he got caught in no mans land a couple of times and looked awkward at times but you have to time it so perfect against Gaborik and Brown and Kopitar and Carter and if you are off a little in that position you will get hurt and he will bounce back and he has been one of our best players the whole year and has a lot of built up confidence from the season.”