Recap: Scott Arniel’s comments before the game

Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone before the game on MSG:

  • Scott ArnielOn the game two plan, “it’s always been about us, you look at the oppositions and their key players and system but when we step on the ice we need to play a certain way and that is what we worry about the most. We gotta make sure that the distractions stay away and for when we don’t have the puck how to check and when we do have the puck how to score.”

  • On distractions, “we talked a little before the series, we knew that MTL is a huge market, it’s more about staying within ourselves and what we can control. The outside stuff will come, Chris is a player who needs to focus on how he plays each shift and you need to keep it out of your mind.”
  • On the PP, “the toughest thing in the playoffs is that you are playing the same team and the PKers have a good read on what to do and how to pressure all the time. It was us getting a good read on what to do and in the Pitt series we got better and figured out their PK and we had an idea of what MTL liked to do after two series and from the last game of the season. Sometimes it’s on, sometimes it isn’t but we need to win puck battles, get shots and get traffic in front of the goalie.