Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Practice Comments

Alain Vigneault6:42PM: Sam Rosen spoke with Alain Vigneault on MSG:

  • On coming back and falling behind, “if you look at the positive, the fact that we have been able to come back in both games is significant. It means that we can score some goals and that we have the mental capacity to come back. Like any team in the NHL we would like to have better starts and maybe dictate a bit better the game we want to play.”
  • Why does falling behind happen, “The opposition has something to do with that. They are trying to win also and in the last two games the opposition was trying hard to win also. We thought we put our best foot forward, we fell behind but we battled back.”
  • On JT Miller, “we will try him there. I had a good convo with Ken who has been playing him at center and he said that he was his best two-way player and we will see if that can give us four lines with maybe some better balance. I would like to have more consistency in the lines and hopefully will be the start of that.”
  • On JT being physical, “I am looking to him to play to his strengths. I would like him to be dependable defensively, spend some time in his own end and also use Benny Pouliot. The last couple of games he has been one of our best players, I think he has points in four or five of his past six games.”
  • “I want two points.”

5PM: Alain Vigneault met with the media following Rangers practice today

  • On the rivalry, “I have heard about it, I watched it. I liked my first feel for it when we went to Long Island. These are great, these games here, the Original Six match ups are all games that players and fans get excited for. They are fun to be part of.”
  • On JT Miller, “After the optional skate yesterday management and coaches got together and discussed different scenarios and we, Schoeny and I talked to Ken in Hartford and JT had been playing well, real well, at both ends of the rink. They were using him at center and we just felt after discussing where we are at this time to give him a look. With the freeze, that happened last night. He is here until at least the 27th and we will see how he plays and go from there.”

  • On developing young players, “each player is different. It’s not because sometimes a young player plays a couple of games with the big team and then guys down that its wrong. Every player learns at his pace and sometimes you are hoping that it’s quick but sometimes it doesn’t happen. It’s just part of the process and development. Just like with Kreids, everybody said that he has a lot of upside and to keep working with him and we did and he is coming along and will get better. Same thing with JT. There is a lot of upside there and it’s our job to get it out.”
  • On Rick Nash, “I think he is real close. Obviously he wants to produce more than he has. He is getting some good looks and there is no doubt that in my mind the will is there. He is a power forward and he has to go to the net. Those guys get their chances and productions by going to the tough areas and he is going there and it’s close. It’s just a matter of staying with it.”
  • He is a real smart player that has a lot of experience. I am hoping that he and JT will get some chemistry there. I am hoping that the veteran will rub off on the young player there and we are trying to get some balance. I would like to get some consistency there. With consistency there is more trust and accountability but with consistency I need to see it on the ice. Hopefully an experienced guy like Brad can rub off an JT and be the start of something positive.”
  • At this point, as much as the Islanders are our match up tonight. I am concerned with our team and what we need to do and that has to be our focus tonight.

Marc Savino
Marc Savino

That' sad AV thinks the Islanders are an O6 team.