Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s post game comments on puck management and Rick Nash

Alain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss (MSG)

  • “We didn’t pick a good night to manage the puck the way we did. I don’t want to take any credit away from Pittsburgh, they forced the play and played a solid game without the puck that forced us into a lot of those turnovers. Our puck management tonight and execution weren’t very good and ultimately cost us the game.”

  • On the puck issues being caused by the number of games being played, “that has nothing to do with it. We had a day off yesterday, a good practice this morning but a combo of them being real good and us picking a bad night in the playoffs to have a bad game.”
  • Do the puck issues snowball, “for whatever reason, tonight, our execution with the puck wasn’t there. I can’t explain it, there is nothing we can do about it. We need to go to Pittsburgh and win the next game.”
  • On Rick Nash being booed, “Ultimately the fans can do what they want. I would prefer if our fans right now were supportive. It might not look it but we are trying our guts off here. We are trying to put our best game on the ice, we are trying our best and I would prefer that we have support but ultimately at the end of the day the fans can do what they want.”
  • Is Nash becoming a scapegoat, “Rick is trying real hard, he had some real good looks. He feels a lot of pressure right now and I gotta tell you, he is battling real hard. Maybe we can rally around that and have a good game in Pittsburgh.”
  • On the second period, “giving up a goal with us on the PP gives the other team momentum and that is what happened tonight.”
  • On them coming right back after scoring, “definitely…thanks guys.”