Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers loss (MSG):

  • “There are certain areas that we talked about before the game, trying to be better one on one and a tad more physical when the opportunity was there. I think we started off alright but it makes it a real challenge when you are down 2-0 early, especially with the difficulty for us on offense right now in scoring goals. It makes it very challenging and that is what happened tonight.”
  • Do you have an update on Cally, “He has a second degree MCL so he will be out 4-6 weeks.”

  • “We are not winning and we got beat by a team that plays a real structured game. Their fourth line found a way to contribute and score two big goal for them. We need to find ways to win and whether that be a blocked shot at the right time from one of our players or a goal from our 4th line or D. You gotta try and find a way. Tomorrow we will have a good practice and try to get ready for our next opponent.”
  • How would you like this team to play, “Well I have an idea of how I would like it to play, not quite sure we have the personnel to play the type of game I would like to play which is with more of a offensive oriented. I think it should be obvious to everybody right now that we have a challenge scoring goals, not saying that we won’t get there, but right now at this time it is a big challenge for us and we need to be a little more defense oriented for the time being.”
  • Is the onus on the GM (interrupted) “No, no, no…My job as the coach is to analyze the personnel that I have and put a system in place that best suits them. That is my responsibility and what I am trying to do right now.”