Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today about Ryan McDonagh, Chris Kreider

Alain Vigneault met with the media today following practice and before the team went to Pittsburgh (Rangers)

  •  Where was Carl Hagelin, “just a maintenance day, he is fine and will be out there tomorrow.”
  • What has to change from last night, “where do you want me to start, obviously last night, as we mentioned after the game, our puck management wasn’t very good and led to a lot of opportunities that we gave Pittsburgh and we have moved past that now and will focus on tomorrow.”

  • Are the puck issues something that can be corrected easily, “they are a good team and I don’t want to take any credit away from them, they are making it real hard on us but last night our mistakes was execution and we have proven in the past that our execution can be a lot better than it was yesterday and that is what we are banking on tomorrow. We have been a solid road team all year long and we need to win one game and we have won in that building and that is what we need to do tomorrow.”
  • What can you do to help Nash get out of this slide, “we are putting him in situations where he has had success, where he is getting great looks, we just need to stick with him and hopefully come out of this funk.”
  • On how the team can bounce back, “I think our group is very resilient, I think our group has real solid leaders, they know that if we intend on pursuing this season we have to win tomorrow and everyone knows that we picked a bad night to have a bad game. We are moving past it and looking at tomorrow.”
  • On changing lines, “I am looking at all possibilities right now. We have had a fair amount of success with being consistent but last night’s game, with Kreids coming in, we basically mixed two lines, Kreids went on one and we sent Marty off that line, we made some changes and those didn’t work out to our advantage so we have the whole night to think about it and try to come out with a plan tomorrow.”
  • On Crosby/Malkin, “those guys are the best in the league and right now they are playing real strong and it makes it real challenging for our whole group to try and contain them. I don’t think you can stop players like that, they are going to get looks and chances and they are, we are going to try and do some things differently as far as them building up speed and if we do that it gives us a better chance.”
  • On the neutral zone, “the whole game last night was right in that neutral zone with the unforced errors on our part and we didn’t have an answer for that.”
  • On Henrik Lundqvist, “Hank is like the rest of our team, he needs to focus on tomorrow night and will come up with his best game.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “I saw a young man that worked extremely hard and wanted it real bad…timing wise with the puck and decision wise with the puck, he fit in real good with our group…he was off.”
  • Are you seeing the same Ryan McDonagh, “no…Ryan hasn’t had and he would be the first to say that he hasn’t had the playoffs to his expectations or to ours. He has an opportunity tomorrow to change that but obviously he hasn’t played very well.”