Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today (A Lot Of JT Miller)

Alain VigneaultAfter practice today, Alain Vigneault met with the media, via the Rangers:

  • On Derick Brassard, “So far I think he has shown a little inconsistency in his overall play. At some moments you see signs of top end skill and at other moments you see top-end skill not executing like on the first goal last night. He has the puck, no pressure, he can skate it he can make an easy outlet pass but for whatever reason he doesn’t execute the play that needs to be executed at that time. We need to get that part of his game in order and if we do that he is a good skill player that has a lot to bring to the table.”
  • On him putting pressure on himself, “I would say yes. He came here last year and had the best moments of his young career so far. Sometimes you expect to be able to step back in and have those same moments but a career is a process and there are situations in games, seasons or segments that permit you to become better and I hope this is one of those segments that will make Brass into a more complete hockey player.”

  • On JT Miller, “I heard that he was, from the people that have talked to me who drafted him and have seen him play, we are talking about a high end skilled offensive player.  I need to see that but at the same time he is trying to find a regular spot and he has to, because he is a young player, in our top 12. If he can find a spot in our top 12 and develop and get better he is projected to be at some point into the top six. He should be, with his skill set, if he wants to maybe engage a little more defensively he should be able to fit into our top 12. He like a lot of players hasn’t done it on a consistent basis but he has been better than…he had one game that was a little rough and it was the game before last. He is a young player and we are working with him and am confident that he is going to get better.”
  • Is he better off in Hartford, “that’s a good question. At this time right now I have given myself the latitude of a certain amount of games, without sharing it with you, to sort out here what I have. I have only been to Hartford once but I am talking to Shoeny and Ken and Jeff on a regular basis on what would be the other options. With what I have seen from JT so far I am hoping he will be able to step into one of those roles and contribute and get better and as you get better you get a different role and you move forward.”
  • On finding out more about him or the group, “i’m talking about the group. Kreids starting where he did and then getting an opportunity and jumping on it. I’m not making that decision, they are making it for me. Kreids is playing in the top six spots because he is playing well at both ends of the rink and he is generating a lot offensively.”
  • Are Kreider and JT different, “I would say yes and no. I would say that the feedback I was getting at the time. Kreids, in the information that I was getting, was more suited to a top six role. Whereas JT could probably go both ways. Kreides has stepped in real nicely where we need him and I am hoping that JT will be able to do the same.”
  • Getting JT back in the lineup as soon as he can, “I’m going to do what is best for the team and if putting him in the lineup is best for the team then that is what I will do. With a young player they need to play a certain amount of minutes. Now is it better to play eight minutes in the NHL or 20 in the AHL. I would say that the right answer is each player is different and we need to figure out the best way.”
  • Kreider has been using his speed, winning puck battles and protecting the puck and making good plays with the puck. We need him to keep doing that for us.”
  • On the goalies and giving Cam a start, “I’m focused on tomorrow but if I were a betting man I would say that there is a chance that might happen.”
  • On Anaheim and Pittsburgh, “they are both, right now they are both two teams that are right up there. Both have top end players. Anaheim likes to play a tighter in your face game where as Pitts, with their skill, like to come at you and come at you hard. Our game against Anaheim, the first two mistakes end up in the back of our net and it puts us on our heels a little bit and it’s a little more challenging against a team that checks so well. Tomorrow night our start will need to be better and you know those high end players will get chances but you try to limit the number and limit the quality because they are just too good and too skilled to think we can shut them down fully.”
  • On Derek Dorsett for tomorrow, “No.”