Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today (Update)

Alain Vigneault


4:24PM: Following practice, Alain Vigneault met with the media:

  • On Michael Del Zotto, “he isn’t flying today, he isn’t taking the plane. He isn’t feeling well. We will see how he feels tomorrow but unless energy wise he feels a lot better, I don’t think he will play.”
  • On the open roster spot and adding another player, “Not until tomorrow. After Washington we will reevaluate, see where we are and see what we need to do.”
  • On JT Miller, “I don’t know him really well. He didn’t have a long camp, I just think that is part of a player’s development. Playing in the minors is not negative, it just means that you need extra work, you aren’t quite there yet, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there but at this particular moment you need to work on different aspects of the game. That is what he did, he wasn’t down there for along time, he was only there a short time. We will see how he does this time and how are team does with him in the lineup.”

  • On Cam Talbot, “On his and on goalies, I trust Benoit Allaire and that is a position there that the coach and the goalie have a special rapport, in his case, Cam’s case, Benoit has been telling me for some time that Cam is ready. He said that throughout training camp that he is ready for the next step, we gave him some games, he played well and we made the decision a few days ago to make a change there.”
  • On being patient with Cam Talbot, “right now I am really focused on tomorrow and having Hank have a good game. I’m not looking past that. Cam will get a chance to play, I don’t know when but right now Hank is in the lineup for tomorrow.”
  • On JT Miller’s role, “right now, as…I see him with a good skill set, with offensive potential. We have some players right now that are getting a real good opportunity to show what they can do. Some guys are getting top six forward minutes, PP time, some guys production is not where it needs to be to stay in one of those spots over the long term. I don’t have to mention any names, but he would be one of the possible players who could move up if people don’t produce.”
  • On JT and using him on the second PP, “yes…yes.”
  • On fighting and banning it, “everyone has their opinion and you have to respect it. It’s a physical sport, you are always walking that fine line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, controlled violence because it is a physical sport. In hockey, fighting has been allowed. I don’t mind it but I could go either way.”