Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain VigneaultFollowing practice today, Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault met with the media. His comments, via Rangers Report, are below:

  • On placing Marty Biron on waivers: “this is a performance based business and the organization felt that Marty’s first two performacnes were not what we expected and we decided to put him on waivers and we will get together in the afternoon to discuss where we go from there.”
  • Did his cap hit play a role, “no….the only thing that played a role was the performance.”
  • On keeping an eye on Marty Biron and the goalies since training camp, “It’s something that you keep an eye on everyday. You evaluate your players performance. You make assessments, you look at where you can help and improve. At this stage here we felt that for our team that is the decision we needed to make. We need a backup that can play 15-20 games and play well and we will see where we go from there.”

  • On Cam Talbot being the front runner, “he had a good camp and those are some of the decisions that we will discuss this afternoon and we will see where we go from there.”
  • On Johan Hedberg, “he wasn’t here very long. His name will probably be brought up along the way but he wasn’t here very long.”
  • How do you turn things around quickly after the first five games, “It’s not the way we wanted to start and expected to start. I am sure you can ask each player, they all feel they can, will and want to be better. We are here, we have gone through a challenging stretch of schedule, 25 days on the road. Now we can come back home and be in our environment and practice. We will be in our facilities where we can do a lot more work and I am sure it will be beneficial. Henrik played like Henrik in the third period against St. Louis. The first two periods I thought we played real well against an opponents our West who are on top of their games. We have a couple of days here to regroup and get ready for Washington.”
  • On playing and not thinking, “I understand that not thinking part, you are supposed to be able, like when you are driving your car you press on the brake and you press on the gas. It’s the same type of thinking and decisions in hockey. You are supposed to make the reads with and without the puck. We took some good steps in the first two periods. In the third after they scored the goal we ran out of gas. It’s 4 in 6 and we had nothing left in the tank. Hopefully we will be able to carry the positives over against Washington.”
  • On how long he thinks they will be without Nash, “he is still feeling some symptoms so until I feel otherwise I don’t expect him back.”
  • On a shakeup feeling in the locker room, “not necessarily. THese are hockey decisions that players understand and right now with Martin and Arron, we just felt that it was the right thing for our team to do. With Rick Nash and Carl Hagelin not being there we felt that we wanted to probably bring in a little bit more skill and those are the things we will discuss in the afternoon.”