Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media after practice today (Rangers):

  • On the Flyers, “I am still in the process of watching their game from last night. Prior to last night, that is a team that like us had a challenging start and really turned their season around. Behind last night they were one point behind us and playing some good hockey. It should be a tough game, division opponent, points are hard to come by so it’s going to be a good game.”
  • On players getting better last night, “I didn’t think for our players there was a lot of difference from what I have seen before. In that third period, especially the last 4 minutes, their Olympic players turned it up a notch. It was probably after a couple of shifts that most of the guys got used to playing on the ice surface that they have been on their whole life.”

  • The fact that we had six practices with only 12 skaters and then one practice with the full group, I though for the most part that I liked a lot of the first two periods. They being the elite team that they are had some stretches in the last part of that third period where they took it up a notch and make it more challenging but that is when the goalie has to come up big and that is what Cam did us.
  • “as far as I know with my quick conversations or Scott, Ulf and Danny with our guys. Ben has been talking to Hank, everyone is feeling good and adjusted well in this short span. It’s our job to monitor their energy level and we will do that.”
  • On a need to get Dorsett back in, “I do want to get him in sooner rather than later. I will finish watching the Philly game from last night and then talk to my staff and decide if we are going to make any changes to our lines. We will decide that by tomorrow for sure.”
  • On Justin Falk, “When we got back from the break I sat down with Falker and offered him the opportunity to go to Hartford and play a few games since our schedule permitted it. That is the players option and he felt that in his situation, and I respect that, he was getting everything here if we needed him to play and you gotta respect that. He thinks that if we need him…at some point we will need him he will be good to go. That is what it is. (smiles)
  • Is he ready to play tomorrow if you need him, “yea. He is our seventh defenseman. Players are given that option and in his case too, there was a personal, his wife is expecting soon and I think that came into the equation when he was measuring…and I am fine with that. I had no issues. He has, for the number of games that he has played, his attitude and work ethic has been outstanding. He has never said a word, done what the coaches wanted him to so if a player tells me that he is fine then I have no issues.”