Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments about Marty St. Louis returning

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault spoke at 5PM about Marty St. Louis returning to the Rangers tonight to play (Rangers):

“We found out yesterday when we arrived in Pitt that Marty’s mom had passed away. From there we obviously sent him back home to Montreal. It was obviously a very quiet bus ride from the airport to the hotel and I talked to Marty last night, we texted back and forth this morning and he decided to come back and play. I think that says a lot about him but a lot about his teammates that he would want to be here and play tonight. He is here and we are going to play.”

What did he tell you about his decision, “this morning he said that he talked to his dad and him and his dad both agreed that his mom would want him to be here and that is what he did.”

How is the mood of the team, “I’ll have a better idea after I have my meeting. The fact that Marty decided to come back and that says a lot about him and about our group. Our guys care, they are trying real hard and that is what we will try to do tonight.”

Did he take the Rangers plane up to Montreal, “I’m not sure of the exact logistics of how it worked out, I do know that he got to Montreal last night.”

How did the players react, “I would say that most of them found out this afternoon or at the pre game meal today. That decision was made around that time. He texted me, he texted Jason Vogel to see if it was possible to get him up here and then he decided he was coming.”

Did you ever think to tell him to stay there and be with his family, “We had a good talk last night and at the end of the day my message to him was that there are more important things than hockey and you need to do what is right, you need to take care of your dad, etc. They got up this morning and sorted it out and he is here.”