Recap: Alain Vigneault post game comments

Alain VigneaultOn the NHL Network, Alain Vigneault met with the media:

  • (waiting around) “Nothing on the turtleneck?” (smiles)
  • On what he saw from the first to the second, “it was a funny flow to the game in the sense that there weren’t a lot of chances in the first period, both teams found the back of the net and in the second our transition, for some reason they stayed up on a couple of occasions where we were able to chip the pucks by them and get some out number situations. Some nights you find a way to get them to go in, a couple off them, a couple off of skates and one really nice play from Brass to Zuccy where he was really patient in front of Martin. We were able to capitalize on a couple of those and that goal at the end of the second where Stralman steps up, I don’t remember who he hit there, and we countered right away and made it 6-3 probably a big point for us and probably took the legs off of them.”

  • On the game being pushed back, “well, we…I think everyone knew coming in to this that it was possible and that it’s the asme for both teams. You need to be professional about it and go through your normal routine and that is what our guys did. We went out and…it was my first experience in one of these games and I gotta tell you, as a coach, player, fan, I assume it’s the same for all, it was an outstanding feeling and a great day and I know we won it and it’s easy to say after you win but it was an unbelievable atmosphere and I was really fortunate to be part of one of these.”
  • On Rick Nash, “he’s obviously feeling real good about his game and he is going to the net a little more, going o the tough areas, he was playing well before this and sometimes players can be streaky and he wasn’t finding the back of the net and he is now. We need that from him, he is an elite player and we need him to play like that.”
  • On the second period being what he wants to see from the team, “well a lot of that transition comes with what the other team is doing and they are a team that puts a lot of pressure and outnumber and swarm and we were lucky that for whatver reason we caught them in-bteween a stay up and a pinch and make a play with  the puck that would lead to those transition, some days it works like that, some days it doesn’t and today it did.”
  • On the atmosphere, “for me, the outdoors and it was cold but not cold that could effect you. There was a little snow in the second period, the only thing that I found surprising was the quality of the ice. You would think that a day like this, where it’s below 0 Celsius…..below 32 Fahrenheit that, you are talking about ideal conditions and they had issues with the ice and I was surprised about that. Us walking onto the ice and the applause from the fans, both the Devils and Rangers, it was a real neat experience.”
  • Will you have an advantage on Wednesday, “Not really, I think for us and our group it will be another good experience in an 82 game schedule but if I am Long Island and a player, coach, member there I will feed off of this first opportunity for them. I don’t see an advantage.

via the NHL:

            Q. What specifically do you think Staal and Stralman did together to pick you guys up defensively after a shaky start there?
            COACH VIGNEAULT: Yeah, they made strong plays with the puck, and when they didn’t have the puck, they made some strong, physical plays. I really liked their overall game. I liked after we settled in a little bit after the first period, I thought our three “D” pairs were really strong at both ends of the rink, making the right plays and giving us a strong balance throughout the rest of the game.
            Q. You joked around about practicing in the snow yesterday. But do you feel like it helped you at all today?
            COACH VIGNEAULT: I think it was a big help. No, it’s funny you say that because when it was starting to snow in the second period jokingly I said to the guys on the bench, we’ve practiced in these conditions. We’re ready for it. But the guys yesterday, compared to today, we only scraped once. It was tough to practice today. The NHL guys did a great job of getting the snow out of there, so it was pretty good.