Recap: Alain Vigneault On Ottawa Radio, Talks How He Wants To Play

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault was just a guest on Ottawa Radio:

  • On the new challenge, “I enjoyed Vancouver, it was seven wonderful years. Very challenging but they decided to go in another direction and I was forced to go into a new direction and look where I landed. I have been told that I have a great young team with a lot of players on the upswing. Our expectations are high, we will embrace that and meet it head on. I have gotten the chance to meet all the players and everyone is excited”
  • On moving from Vancouver to NY, “Vancouver was an outstanding city, in Van, I was 5 minutes driving to our practice facility, 15 minutes walking and now I am 25 miles away. I’m an upper west side Manhattan guy now and who knows how long it can take to get to MSG with traffic. It has some great points and some disadvantages. It’s a big city with some advantages and some inconveniences. People have made my coming here very smooth. It’s been great getting to know my staff and everyone is getting excited for the start.”
  • What excites him about the Rangers, “When you feel you have a chance to win. Even though I didn’t know a lot about the East, I knew about Henrik Lundqvist and that he is a top goalie, being in Van I know how important that is. We have a lot of young players on the upswing and getting their feet wet that are sponges and want to learn. In talking to the Rangers, they convinced me that this was the place to be. That they were going to make sure we had every opportunity to win and they sold me on it.”

  • On goaltending: “I knew Marty and coached him a long time ago. He was a real solid goalie then and now he is an adult with four kids, he isn’t the same young player, he understands his role and thrives on his role. If you look at his record a few years ago, he was almost seven games above .500 in playing 20 games. I’m hoping he will be able to do it again this year.”
  • On what style he wants them to play, “I’d like us to be more aggressive outnumbering the opposition when we don’t have the puck, so we can get the puck. I want us to use our skill set. Coaches want to set the tone and control the pace, management thinks we have the team to do that. I have watched a couple of games and I wanted to come here with everyone having a clean slate and not have my judgment clouded. I want to see what guys can do offensively and defensively, I think if we have the kind of team I am told we do, we are going to be fun to watch and up tempo. I would like to play a puck possession game. You can’t win if you can’t defend, but you need to let your guys make some plays with the puck. I’d like to bring over the last five years of Vancouver where we were a top team in scoring and had a good PP.”
  • On going to another level, “I’m not concerned about what happened in the past. I know John is a real good coach. We all want things done a certain way and in a certain fashion. I am coming here with a clean slate for everyone and hopefully guys wanna do well and I am confident that they want to.”
  • On the Cory Schneider trade, “I was shocked. It’s a touchy subject but when I was there it wasn’t part of the plan.”
  • On the difference between Vancouver and New York, “The explanation I have, I am not very familiar with the NY market, from the outside what I see is that the seven Canadian markets are like the NY Yankees except there is nothing else. Whether you are Ottawa, Toronto or whomever, you are the Yankees, there is nothing else. In an American market you have football and basketball and college. In Canada, hockey is it and it’s like the NY Yankees. There is a lot going on in NY. It’s a big city with a lot of different things going on.”
  • On the challenge of moving East, “I have been gone 10 years from my friends and family, to get closer to them and my girls was a huge part of my decision. I have coached an Original Six before so I know the passion and the tradition and I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone associated with the team or who has been associate. We want to compete for the Stanley Cup.”