Read: What Alain Vigneault Wants In A Hockey Player/How He Gets Them To Work

Alain VigneaultIn his chat with Steve Serby of the NY Post, Alain Vigneault was asked what qualities he looks for in players.

Vigneault listed two qualities:

  • good hockey sense
  • a player who competes, competes every shift. A competitive SOB

He adds that he wants to bring out the best in his players and that being a good player isn’t about talent, but about putting in the work. He says that he won’t tolerate players who aren’t willing to put in the work.

Vigneault said that one way he likes to try and get players to work is by setting goals for the players and working with them and giving them feedback in trying to attain them. He said, “you set the goals, you help ’em by teaching them right, give ’em the right feedback, and usually a player stays really highly motivated all the time.”

Adam Rotter: John Tortorella said that he never worried about his players having a substandard level of caring and that should fit right in with what Vigneault expects of his players. The tone and work ethic is set by the two leaders on the team, Ryan Callahan and Henrik Lundqvist, and both of them hold their teammates to high standards. Vigneault may approach the players differently, but his approach and expectations are very similar to the ones that John Tortorella has and that this team is used to.