Read: The Differences Between John Tortorella and Alain Vigneault

Alain Vigneault.pngLarry Brooks, in the NY Post, spoke with a few Rangers who were with the team for the past few years and asked how things are different with Alain Vigneault than they were with John Tortorella.

Brian Boyle said that while the atmosphere isn’t as tense as it was with John Tortorella, no one is taking short cuts with Vigneault and “there is too much at stake” for everyone to not work their hardest.

He said that the Rangers play a new style but are still held to a very high standard, the same standard as when John Tortorella was coach.

Marc Staal says that Vigneault puts the onus on the players to hold each other accountable and that while the team got used to John Tortorella and had success with him, “there comes when it’s better for a guy to hear it from a teammate than the coach.”

Brad Richards said that he respects John Tortorella as a coach but said that there are different ways and different styles to win a Championship. Richards then said, “Torts only won once, you know.”