Buzz: A Five-Year Deal For Alain Vigneault?

5:19PM: John Shannon says that Vigneault’s contract of five-years and $10 million was the same deal that he turned down from the Stars.

In an update, Jean notes that Vigneault will make $1.8 million.

4:41PM: According to Louis Jean, a reporter in Montreal, Alain Vigneault has signed a five-year deal with the Rangers for $10 million.

Below are some details about Vigneault’s contract and his extension in Vancouver.

Alain VigneaultOn May 23, 2012, Alaign Vigneault signed what is believed to be a two-year contract extension, starting this season, with the Vancouver Canucks.

At the time, GM Mike Gillis said “Alain has established himself as one of the premiere coaches in the National Hockey League. He has demonstrated a commitment to winning that has led to back-to-back Presidents’ Trophies and we are confident his dedication and hard work will continue to yield positive results. Alain has built a foundation of winning with this franchise and I feel he can continue to build on that foundation to achieve our ultimate goal.”

Vigneault was fired by the Canucks 364 days later.

Iain MacIntyre, in the Vancouver Sun, writes that Vigneault was believed to be making in the neighborhood of $1.25-$1.50 million this past season, which was the last year of his previous contract.

He notes that the extension, which would have started this season, most likely included a raise.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that a team that hires a coach that is still under contract to another team absorbs the cost of the remaining years and money.

MacIntyre notes the same but says that this isn’t the case when a new coach has a salary lower than his old one. He says that Vigneault’s contract with the Rangers is believed to be worth more than his one with the Canucks.