Stats/Read: Rick Nash’s Debut Weekend/What John Tortorella Thinks

Rick NashIn his Rangers debut on Saturday night, Rick Nash recorded an assist, two shots and two hits in 21:41.

Following the game on Saturday, John Tortorella said ,“You can see how he uses his body with the puck. I like his strength on the puck. He does the work on the wall. He wasn’t great tonight either, but you can see what kind of player he will be for us.”

Prior to the game against the Penguins on Sunday, Tortorella said “he is going to be a really good player for us, you can see that. You can see what he is going to be able to do with the puck, but also away from the puck. We are going to try and use him to kill penalties, I think he picked that up pretty quickly as far as how we do it. He is going to be a pretty big part. He is a full package.”

On Sunday, Nash had five shots, 1 blocked and two that missed the net to go along with four hits and a shorthanded goal.

Following the game, on MSG, Tortorella said “he has probably been our best player. He is the real thing, you can see that.”