Recap: Rick Nash’s Comments Today

Rick NashRick Nash, after skating today, met with the media:

  • On how he feels, “It’s been good days and bad days over the last four weeks. There were steps forwards and then a step back and I have strung together a good 3 or 4 days and it’s been all positive since then.”
  • Have you reached out to anyone to talk about it, “each case is so different, different symptoms, different techniques. I talked with a few guys who have been through this and what seemed to work for me was just time.”
  • On the support from the team, “the support, from the organization has been unbelievable. I haven’t felt pressured or anything like that. Guys check in daily so it’s been pretty nice. It’s tough when they take away the thing you love so it’s been great.”

  • On having a concussion last year, “last year was pretty quick. I only missed four games and was right back. This year the symptoms just hung on. I couldn’t shake them for a while so it was a lot different.”
  • On being more careful, “I don’t think so. When you are dealing with the brain you always want to be careful. Last year, with our doctors and our team we made sure I was 100%.”
  • On his status, “Right now, as I said before, the symptoms have been gone. I skated today, I felt good. Each day it’s a do-more thing and see if anything creeps up at night and inch forward.”
  • On the team, “as of late it’s been great and fun to watch. We looked really good the last handful of games. It’s tough to watch either way and you want to be out there, especially when guys are struggling but lately guys have been playing unbelievable.”
  • On expectations, “hopefully tonight goes well, skate again tomorrow and just start to inch forward. I can’t make a date and say next week or this week. It’s important to do more each day and hopefully the symptoms stay away.”
  • On conditioning, “I’m probably about four weeks and three days behind. It will take time on that and to make sure the symptoms don’t come around and get back in shape.”
  • On the symptoms, “headaches were the worst.”
  • Were there other symptoms, “no…just headaches.”