Read: What Separates Rick Nash From Other High Paid Players Is Effort

NashIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that while Rick Nash may be off a to a disappointing statistical start to his season, the effort he brings to the Rangers every night makes him worth every penny of his cap hit of $7.8 million.

Brooks writes, “if it is clear we’ve yet to see the full kaleidoscope of Nash’s imposing game, it is equally clear that lack of production hasn’t been for a lack of trying. The winger has been involved, he has been on the puck, he has been recording shots at a rate historically consistent with his first nine years in the NHL and he has been defensively responsible.”

John Tortorella said before the game on Sunday that Nash was the leader in offensive chances and opportunities for the Rangers even though he only had two goals coming into the game.

Nash scored his third goal of the season last night, and added an assist on the Rangers first goal, for his first points in two games.

At Rangers Report, Carp writes “speaking of Nash … How about the power move and shot on Hagelin’s first goal? How about the shot on his own goal? How about some of the plays he made in the defensive zone, and some of the plays he made in the neutral zone? Complete player playing a complete game.  The goals will come. They will.”

Nash also told Brooks that he enjoys playing in a system that preaches defensive responsibility and that it is “right up my alley.”

Nash has three goals on 44 shots which gives him a shooting percentage of 6.8% on the season. He is averaging 21 minutes per night.

His career shooting percentage is about 13%

When asked earlier this week to rate Nash’s performance this year on a scale of 1-10, 38% of readers gave him an “8″ while 29% gave him a “7.”


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