Read: Rick Nash Knows He Has More To Give (Especially In The Playoffs)

Rick NashIn the NY Post, Rick Nash said that he understands people’s opinions on him have been colored by his postseason play but that when the opportunity comes again he will learn from the past and produce more.

Nash said that he had stretches during the regular season where he felt he was at the top of his game but that he knows he has more in him.

In the playoffs last year, Nash had 1 goal and 4 assists in 12 games. Nash said at the end of last year that he felt he was good in the playoffs last year.

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This season, Nash has 6 goals, 8 assists and a post per game of .067. It’s the lowest PPG, so far, since his rookie season. His shooting percentage this season, 7.8%, is also down from his career average of 12.5%. Last season Nash had a shooting percentage of 11.9.

Adam Rotter: His PPG is down from the pretty consistent .75-.90 PPG but he seems to be getting a little unlikely with his shooting percentage dipping. That should start to rise at least 10% which will raise his PPG and hopefully help the Rangers win more games. Still, it’s playoffs that will ultimately define Nash as a Ranger since he was brought in to be one of the “final pieces” for a team that thought it was on the verge. Nash seemed hurt for the first part of the playoffs last year but got better, at least skated better, as the series against Boston went on. Nash tripled his previous playoff experience last year and should be better suited to make an impact this year.

Alex Agnew
Alex Agnew

@rs018 that was my first thought. but we are being helped by the Metro division being so tight. IF (big if) this team can come up with some consistency we should make the PO's this season. It'll likely be a short post-season though, unless something drastic happens to the line up or the current players start playing to anywhere near their abilities.