Read: Rick Nash Has Come As Advertised

Rick NashHeading into today’s against against the Capitals, Rick Nash enters the game on a five-game goal streak and a nine-game point streak.

Nash has seven goals and seven assists during the nine game streak.

Derek Stepan said after the game against the Islanders, “he is a prime time player. He adds so much to this team. He is dynamic and scoring big goals at big times.”

When talking about how he plays on a line with Nash,

Ron Duguay spoke glowingly about Nash on the post game show, saying “The team becomes a better team. Nash makes everyone around him a threat. There is a confidence and you see a Rick Nash on your side, it helps the team to play with a little oopmh. He creates a fun atmosphere where you feel you can win every night when you got a back breaking kind of guy, this guy is a horse and he is carrying two guys to the net and he goes hard to the net, he wants to score, he wants the puck, he wants to make the plays, he just wants to do everything. You can see he is a happy camper right now

Henrik Lundqvist kept his thoughts on Nash simple, “Nasher was Nasher.”

John Tortorella spoke about how Nash has been at his best in the third periods and how that is a good sign for his level of conditioning. When asked why the third period is Nash’s best, Tortorella credited a “mindset” of accepting the responsibility of his role on the team.

Tortorella added, “He doesn’t speak, he just goes out and plays. As advertised, he has been a game breaker for us.

Katie Baker of Grantland spoke to Rick Nash and Nash told here that he looks at his numbers and understands where he thinks he should be, where he has been in the past and where he wants to get to.