Poll: Should Rick Nash Have Been Suspended?

Rick Nash did not have a hearing with the NHL today and will not face any supplemental discipline for the hit he put on Tomas Kopecky last night.

Katie Strang notes that the likely reason for no hearing was that the “principal  point of contact” was not the head and that is the main reason why he avoided and supplemental discipline.

Scott Burnside tweets “Failure to suspend R. Nash in spite of overwhelming evidence it is warranted strikes at heart of competitive balance.”

Larry Brooks tweeted that it “boggles the mind” how the NHL goes about dealing with player safety and said that it is “simple a matter of incoherent standards.”

Damien Cox tweeted “If Lupul got two and Nash doesn’t even get a hearing the Leafs should and must file a letter of protest with NHL. This cannot be true.”

Allan Muir of SI writes that “it’s hard to believe that anyone watching in real time or on tape wouldn’t recognize it as an egregious foul.” He adds “The replay didn’t show it, but Nash probably took Kopecky’s wallet and stole his identity as well. It was that bad.”

35% of people who voted in a Sportsnet poll said that the reason Nash wasn’t suspended was because the “NHL struggles to discipline with consistency.”