Note: Rick Nash Took Out An Ad In The Columbus Dispatch/Loved In Columbus For Charity Work

Last week the Dispatch ran editorial with the title “Farewell: On the ice and off, Rick Nash has enriched Columbus.”

In it, the Dispatch wrote “Nash also distinguished himself with his humility and his largely behind-the-scenes contributions to charity. Nash bought up prime seats to games at Nationwide Arena and donated them to charities. He funded an athletic scholarship at Ohio State University. He made regular visits to sick children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. These were just the high-profile activities. Many of his good works were done quietly and without cameras present.”

“Such activities led to Nash being awarded the NHL Foundation award in 2009; the prestigious honor recognizes a player’s commitment and service to charities in their communities.”

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image via CBJfaninNH who tweets “Shows the class of Rick Nash. Enjoy him #nyr you won’t find a better ambassador to the team”

The text reads:

Dear Blue Jacket Fans,

Thank you for the unwavering support you have shown me over the past nine seasons.

I am so fortunate to have had the chance to call Columbus home and to say proudly that I am from the Buckeye State.

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything.

Rick Nash