Buzz: Did Milan Lucic Have Anything To Do With Why Rick Nash Isn’t Feeling Well?

9:46AM: In the NY Post, Brooks recounts that Lucic used his forearm to drive Nash’s head into the boards and writes, “Now, a few days later, Nash isn’t feeling well. And though it may be a coincidence, it may not be one, either.”

He adds “As long as the Department of Player Safety is or feels bound to give the benefit of the doubt to the transgressor rather than the victim, it is not living up to its charge to make the game safer.

2/16/13- 5:35PM: Larry Brooks tweets:

  • Have to hope there’s no connection between whatever Nash is feeling and having his head slammed into boards by Lucic on Tues in Bost.
  • Lucic used forearm to drive Nash’s head into boards to finish check. Nash then responded with marginal hook. One penalty called. Guess who?

Nash was called for a hooking penalty at 6:43.