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Read: Gordie Clark, Dan Boyle, Henrik Lundqvist on Marty St. Louis and his playoffs

Gordie Clark said that when Marty St. Louis’ mother passed away during the second round of the playoffs, the players “sort of” forgot about hockey and started to focus on him. (Boston Herald)

Clark said that St. Louis returning to play in game five reminded him of when Ray Bourque came back from a hip injury in the playoffs in 1990 and the whole locker room lifted. Clark said that the same thing happened with Marty and the Rangers and the team rode that emotion and found their skill and speed again. (Boston Herald)

Henrik Lundqvist said recently, “It was a very different and unique experience. We played well in the start and then had some tough games and when that happened, you see how Marty carried himself and how he played the next couple of games and it inspired a lot of guys, me especially and to see him score on Mother’s day was one of the coolest moments I think I have had in NY. It was so important for us as a hockey team but at a personal level for what it meant to Marty it was a beautiful moment.”

Asked about the situation, Dan Boyle said “most people can’t do that but it doesn’t surprise me that he could. If there is one player that could go through that and respond like that, it would be him. I wasn’t surprised. Impressed, I guess. We talked throughout his mom passing, our parents were friends and it was tough. What he did didn’t surprise me, but it was still amazing.” (Rangers)

St. Louis said , “It was a tough situation on my end with my mom, once everything settled it started to sink but I know she is with me everyday and we are trying to help my dad everyday and we are looking forward to creating some more memories next year.” He added that the “mothers day win was special” and the situation brought him closer to the fans and that they really wanted to pick him up.



Puck Luck
Puck Luck

He'll have a full season in NY this year. He's also in great shape when he comes to camp. Hopefully that's contagious.