Buzz: There is no pending Marty St. Louis Trade (Updates)

2/23/14: 10:35PM: St. Louis’ no-move expires at the end of the year but Steve Yzerman isn’t interesting in renting a player. If he makes a trade he wants a player with term. (Kypreos)

10:20PM: It’s believed that St. Louis asked for a trade after he was left off Canada. It is not known if he still feels the same way right now. (Nick Kypreos)

10:11PM: There is no trade of St. Louis for Callahan in the works and he doesn’t believe that St. Louis will be traded since it would send a bad message in a year where the team has surprised. (Erik Erlendsson)

He adds that any supposed bad feelings lingering between Steve Yzerman and Marty St. Louis were probably smoothed over by the gold medal.(Erik Erlendsson)

7:51PM: Larry Brooks reports that there is no pending trade for Marty St. Louis though the Rangers have inquired about him. (NY Post)

Brooks says that Glen Sather has inquired about St. Louis on and off since St. Louis was originally passed over for Team Canada but Steve Yzerman’s, the Tampa Bay GM, “absolute lack of interest in dealing his leading scorer in exchange for a rental property has been made clear to the Rangers.”  (NY Post)

The Rangers are not willing to trade the required young players, prospects and or picks, along with Ryan Callahan, to acquire St. Louis. St. Louis does have a full-no move clause. (NY Post)

St. Louis was the likely player that Boomer Esiason has been referring to in his tweets.

Adam Rotter: If there was to be a Marty St. Louis trade, and if it was just for Ryan Callahan, it would be a steal for the Rangers. They are different players but St. Louis is an offensive machine who would fit right in with the style of play the Rangers have. That said, I don’t see any circumstance where Tampa Bay would trade him. He has a no-move clause, is their franchise player with Steven Stamkos and the Gold Medal should erase any issues with Steve Yzerman. The Rangers, as every other team in the league, would have interest in St. Louis but it would cost far more than a rental player to get him.