JT Miller

Read: Why JT MIller was sent down/how he has been looked at in the past year.

After playing the first game of the season, JT Miller was sent down to Hartford on 10/5, called back up on 10/15, sent to Hartford on 11/26, called back up on 12/6, sent down on 12/9, called back up on 12/19, sent down on 1/11, called up on 2/25, sent down on 3/5, called up on 3/26, sent down on 4/2.

Miller has played in 30 games this season, has 3 goals, 3 assists, a minus 6, 18 PIM, 46 shots on goal, 44 hits and 17 blocked shots with an average of 11:27 per game.

In the AHL this season, Miller has 12 goals and 25 assists with a plus 13, 108 shots on goal and 39 PIM

When asked why Miller was sent down on Wednesday, Alain Vigneault said on Thursday that Miller hasn’t earned the right to stay in the lineup on a consistent basis and “he needs to show more commitment on the ice and off.” (NY Post)

He added that hopefully Miller will figure things out and if he does the team will have a good player. If he doesn’t figure things out, Vigneault says that Miller will top out as a “good minor league player.” (NY Post)

Early in the season, Vigneault said of Miller “I see potential in that young man. A real solid skill set that like any other young player, he needs to get better every day and have the right attitude to push him to be become the best player he can be. There is upside there and it’s our job as a staff and his job as a player to work on him being the best he can be.”

John Tortorella said of Miller last season (Feb) “he has an arrogance about him. Some strut about him. I worry that it will go to the other side, and it has in certain situations. I like the kid. He isn’t afraid, he isn’t afraid to make something happen on the ice. The ice time he is getting and why he is here is because he deserves to be here. He is learning how we play defense, for a young kid it’s always you can’t hurt us. I like the way he carries himself as long as he stays on the right side of the line.”

Tortorella said in March of 2013 that Miller is learning but added, “he is still a dummy sometimes, but he continues to try and make a difference. He has an aggressive mindset that we need to watch, but I would rather have it that way. That is a good sign for a kid.”

Jim Schoenfeld said this past December, after Miller was sent down, “JT Miller is learning to play away from the puck because it’s too risky and the coach doesn’t feel comfortable enough to put him on the ice in certain situations.”