Read: How JT Miller Is Going About His Business

JT MillerAgainst the Capitals on Sunday, JT Miller played his second highest amount of the season at 13:52.

Miller had 14 shifts, 5 in the first for 4:43, 5 in the second for 4:53 and four in the second for 4:16.

He was a minus one, took a penalty and had no shots on goal. Miller had two shots blocked, one that missed the net and one hit.

Over the weekend, when Miller was chosen to stay in the lineup over Chris Kreider, he told the Rangers website of what his plans for staying in the NHL, “I am just not trying to get too far ahead. It’s still day by day and shift by shift.”

He added, in response to a question about his struggles earlier in the week, “you gotta stay engaged and stay in the game no matter what. You can’t let a bad shift bring you down and when you get your chance you need to take advantage of it.”