Tweet: Henrik Lundqvist is back and practicing in New York

Debra Kay Levi
Debra Kay Levi

I would like an invitation to see the Rangers Practice Session because this would give me > LadyRanger, the opportunity to observe & write about the Rangers for a show called

"Get with the Program" Mine! In a place called Ct.

Additionally it would give me the privilege of observing them live in their working practice world of hockey & it will give my audience a more up close view of what makes this dynamic team tick

I am the person that will bring u luck Henrik! Ha

Something we didn't have in 2014?

Get with the Program my variety show needs the New York Rangers

Pass this on ThankU

Debra Kay Levi
Debra Kay Levi

LadyRanger would like to watch them at a practice

when & what time? Could be an interesting visit