Read: Henrik Lundqvist On The Preseason and His Game

Henrik LundqvistFollowing the Rangers loss to the Kings last night, Henrik Lundqvist chatted with Dave Maloney:

On going home, “It’s been fun but it’s time to start the real season. I think for everyone but for me personally it’s time to take a deep breath and think about a few things and get ready for the seaosn. It’s been a good trip, we didn’t get the results that we wanted, but we got to work on a few things. It’s been some tough games to play with broken plays and deflections, but you just need to go through some things. I started to feel more comfortable in the second half of this game and yea, it’s time to go home.”

On playing 60 minutes against LA, “At this level it’s small, small details in the game. It’s how you focus and how you think. Sometimes it’s hard to get it right right away. For some guys it comes fast, for me, the way I play the game it’s been a little bit of a challenge to play a solid game. I have to be better but it’s coming. I am hoping to be at the max when we start next week.”

ON it “really” starting next week, “yea. A lot of times guys play differently in the preseason, they go for chances and some situations you won’t see during the regular season. I look forward to it. You go home, take a deep breath, regroup and have some really good practices. Then it’s time to go.

Lundqvist told MSG earlier in the preseason that when you have been away for a long time it takes some time to start feeling good about how you are playing.

“It’s down to small details, but the thing is that the small details are the difference between being great and being okay. That will be the difference with winning and losing. Now it’s down to the small little things that we all need to do right.”