Recap: Dominic Moore on TSN Radio (On the playoffs, staying in NY and Dan Boyle)

Dominic MooreDominic Moore was a guest on TSN Radio earlier this afternoon:

  • On the Cup Final, “Well, I have nothing but good memories of the playoffs and the Final, there is no doubt that LA is deserving winners. The margins are small, 3 of the 5 games go to OT and two were double. We know that we were right there but LA definitely deserved the Cup. It’s motivation for next season but a lot of things as a team that we will look back on fondly throughout the playoffs and good memories.”
  • On game five and the missed chances, “those are the things that you think about, even game one there were some big time scoring chances in the OT. McDonagh hits the post and those are the margins of the way the game goes and you work as much as you can to earn your breaks but that is how the game goes. If we had gotten one of the OT games it would have changed the complexion of the series. But, as it stands and as it is, LA is very deserving and worthy champions.”

  • On his contract expiring close to the end of the season, “I can’t speak for other guys, I didn’t think about it all to be honest. You are so excited and appreciative of being able to play in these games and you grow up wanting to play in big playoff games, Stanley Cup games and it was my first time int he Final and you are so focused on that and nothing else enters your mind. That is the honest answer I just tried to embraced the experience of playing in big playoff games and enjoying it and doing the best I could and worry about the other stuff later. It was a quick turnaround and it was a week later where you need to address the business side of things and everything happened in due course.”
  • Why did you stay in NY/How much will they miss the guys they lost, “for me, there are a lot of reasons why I like NY. We have all the things to be a good team again next year and I really wanted to stay and I have enjoyed my time there. The coaches have been great and hopefully we can build on last year. There is no doubt that ee are missing some key guys with Boyler and Stralman and Benny, it’s tough to keep teams together when you have success and other teams want to poach that success and I guess that is what happened.  All you can do is fill spots and bring in people for new roles and be the best team that you can be. For me, I am glad to be part of it.”
  • How wide open is the East, “it just speaks to the parity of the league. You talk about the margins in the Final being so small, the margins in the first round are the same.  We squeak by Philly…seven games and they could have beaten us. We get by Pitt after being down 3-1 and all teams are good and that includes teams that miss the playoffs. A lot of times the teams that miss the playoffs want to clean house and I think that sometimes they don’t realize they were maybe 1 or 2 points from making the playoffs and having an incredible run. LA makes the playoffs two years ago on the last day of the season and wins the Cup and if they don’t make it they probably rebuild. That is the nature of our league, the margins are very small.”
  • On Dan Boyle, “Dan Boyle is an amazing player. I played with him in San Jose and I have a ton of respect for him on the ice, he is a difference makers and a huge pick up for us. I am really looking forward to him being on the team. He will be a great QB on the PP, experienced guy, pretty quiet but a good leader who leads by example and a good all around defenseman, two-ways, I think he is underrated defensively, he is very mobile, good stick defensively and a great pickup.”
  • On Smashfest, “the ping pong is an afterthought, it’s more of a party.”
  • How did Jeff O’Neil get involved with Smashfest, “The O Dog is the man, he was there last year and he is a charismatic guy and everyone loves to meet him.”
  • On Smashfest, “I had the idea years ago, every dressing room has a ping pong table and I love to play and a lot of guys love to play after game and on practice days. I had the idea, wouldn’t it be great to make it a charity event. It’s a social and fun thing to do and unique, it seemed like a great fit for a unique charity event and with the NHLPA we put it on three-years ago and it’s been growing every year. Until you go there you can’t picture it at all.”


Class act! Love that he remained with the team. We need role players like Moore. He really stepped up in playoff atmosphere too