Read: Derek Stepan On His Future

Derek StepanFor the first time in his career, Derek Stepan will be up for a new contract.

Stepan just finished his entry level contract which had a cap hit of $875,000.

He said yesterday, at Rangers break up day, that his goal heading into the season was to win the Stanley Cup and that his goal now turns to making sure he stays with the Rangers.

Stepan said, “I wanna be here for sure, I am a little biased, I think this is the greatest organization. I have been here since day 1 and they have treated me so nicely. I want to stay here and I want my career to end here.”

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that while the Rangers have a history of signing players to bridge deals after their first contract, Stepan and Ryan McDonagh could buck that trend and sign a longer term deal like Marc Staal did.

Adam Rotter: Players get the bridge contracts when the organization wants to further evaluate them and make sure they are the player the they want them to be/think they should be. Michael Del Zotto, with his inconsistency, fell into that category. Derek Stepan is the Rangers number one center and Ryan McDonagh, like Marc Staal, is playing on the Rangers top defense pair at the time his contract comes up. They deserve longer term deals that show how important to the core of this team they are.