Read: What Glen Sather Said About Derek Stepan Last Night

In an interview with John Giannone that aired Glen Satherduring the second intermission of the Rangers loss to Calgary, Glen Sather made some remarks about Derek Stepan needing to “smell the roses” and understand what the Rangers are offering him in terms of a new contract.

Sather said that he doesn’t think Stepan is a big enough fool to let this thing linger and the fact that Stepan will get a big contract…..just not right now.

THIS SECTION has all the information on Stepan’s contract talks.

Adam Rotter: Glen Sather has been a GM for far longer than Derek Stepan has been alive, so one would think that this is a calculated tactic that he has probably used in the past. Trying to intimidate through the media isn’t always the smoothest way to go about things, but it’s the way that Sather thinks will get Stepan to sign sooner.

The context of what Sather has said isn’t new, that Stepan needs to wait for a big deal and what with no arbitration the Rangers hold the cards, but the way he went about delivering the message was new. I don’t think anyone, Sather included, expected Stepan to withhold services and especially not to do so for this long.